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This blog will be about an app called TtV Photo Stuido, now you wondering didn’t I write about an app called TtV before> Yes I did but that was an old app from the same developer. I saw it in the app store and I read about this app in Life in Lofi. I decided to break down and just spend the $.99 for the app. This app is a huge improvement over the old app. I plan to talk about in great details of what Nicole Green with her app. She has totally rewrote it and added in editing, different filters, more viewfinder options and filters. At the end of this blog there will be promo codes that Nicole has given me to try her app. The photo up above was taken with TtV Photo Studio and edited with Pic Tools using the Overlays edit.

Camera Roll-2073

TtV Studio has been rewritten from the ground up from the earlier TtV app. Is it worth picking up ? Yes it’s worth the $.99 picking and replacing the old app. I don’t mind when developer write apps to replace the old app, as long as it a huge improvements and has a good price. The app is set to save at high-resolution, which is great before the old app saved at low res. There is also an editing edition added to the app, along with more viewfinders of old square format cameras. You noticed there are two options buttons to choose from, Camera and Select Photo. Camera is obviously for shooting with the TtV Photo Studio Camera. It has a square viewfinder when you use the camera part of the app. Select Photo is for selecting photos from your camera roll on your iPhone. You can pick a photo and edited and process you photo through the app.

Camera Roll-2076

After you shoot your photo or pick a photo from you camera roll, you can pick what type of view finder you want your photo to look like. you can slade you finger left to right or right to left to choose the different types of view finders. There are 31 different types of view finders to choose from. My favorite is the Argus-Grunge, because I like grungy looking pictures.

Camera Roll-2077

You can choose the brightness of your photo, again it’s something you want to decide for yourself. You can slide your finger across to see how bright or dark you want your photo. The default is 15% brightness.

Camera Roll-2077

Contrast is the next editing option. The default is always 10% and you can slide your finger across to see how contrasty you want your photo to look.

Camera Roll-2079

Opacity is where how much you want it to blend in your photo. It’s always at 100%. I just like it at 100% because I want that old view finder look to my photos.

Camera Roll-2080

Filters, there are only 4 options for filters. No filter, Sepia, Cyanotype or Blue and Black and White. No filter is always the default option.

Combo Apps Blog TtV

The finished photo, I saw some of the leaves starting to turn yellow. This is my kick off to the Fall Season.

Combo Apps Blog Ttv

Here is another photo I shot with TtV Photo Studio. Then I edited with Bleach Bypass and Pic Tools for a more grungy look to my photo.

Nicole gave me 7 Promo Codes, so its first come first serve. She has a blog on Word Press if you want to check it out, just clock on Taplayer. You can read more about her blogs on this app and other details. It’s important to give her constructive feed back on her app too. I wrote a review that the camera kept crashing and she fixed the problem with a new update. The app works great, very easy to use and nice UI.


Next week’s blog will be a normal blog and below I will show you a simple step by step of what I’ll be doing. It looks like people are asking me how I’ve been doing this type of editing.

Step By Step

This is the Bird From Another Dimension step by step, I’m going to blog in details of how to these zoom type of editing. It’s kind of like the Velocity editing but I’m using two different types of apps. I’ll be talking about 3 important apps you must get in order to this type of editing. You have to have the follow apps Percolator, Rays and Lens Light or Lens Flare. Percolator is going to have a huge update soon, so this is my way of kicking off the Percolator App with a Combo Apps Style.

Warp Speed !

If you have any questions, you can email me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Mobli, Streamzoo, EyeEm and Shnap @ashcroft54. I’m all over the iPhoneography World if you want to follow me on my editing adventure. You can also leave comments on the blog, check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr below and the Facebook Page by clicking the “like” button on the side of the blog. Last you can find me on Google+, it’s +Tina Rice.

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/TtV Photo Studio PROMO !

  1. Lalygirl says:

    Hey Tina thanks fir for the info on the star effect. Very cool. I will wait for your blog on the star effect

  2. ashcroft54 says:

    I’m still working out the kinks and trying to perfect the editing on it. Plus I’m trying different looks with Percolator with the Circles, Overprint and Ishihara. Seeing what will work besides Full of Stars. My plan is working with a lot of these one trick pony apps and making a style of expression.

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