Combo Apps: Promo Blog Lens Flare and Lens Light

Camera Roll-1789

Today’s blog is a Promo Blog for Lens Flare, Lens Light and Lens Flare HD. You can pick up all of them at the App Store. Now if you the lucky few there will be 10 promo codes for Lens Flare and Lens Light. If you look at my feed on Instagram, Flickr, EyeEm, Photovine and Shnaps, you will notice I use Lens Light a lot for my editing. Both apps are great for that “one trick pony” added effects to your photo editing arsenal. It’s a very easy app to use and I love it. The guy who developed this app is a very nice guy and promotes my blogs because I used his app a lot. I’ll break down in how I edited this photo down below.

1. Qbro
2. Orasis to bring out details.
3. Filterstorm to blur out the the photo and keep in focus of what I want in the photo.
4. Dynamic Light to bring out color and details.
5. Photo Forge 2 with Pop Cam for layers and GBS Optic (Damaged).
6. Photo Forge 2 again with Pop Cam for the same layers, GBS Optic (Damaged) and COLORMAX Warm for film.
7. Pic Grunge, Scuffed and texture.
8. Lens Flare for the two lights up above
9. Lens Light for dreamy glow effect and brighten up the two lights up above.

Camera Roll-1790

The finished photos has a black frame and I used Pic Tools for the film style frame effect. The Promo Codes are listed below. First Come, first serve, get it while you can…



You can check out their website or follow Lens Flare on Twitter and Flickr by clicking on group below.

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LensFlare App, a group on Flickr.

If you have any questions about this blog or any of the other blogs, please e-mail me You can also follow me at the following sites, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Photovive, EyeEm and Shnaps. You can also leave comments on the blogs and check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr and Facebook.

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