Combo Apps 2 Week Hiatus.


I wanted to let all my readers know what is going on. I’ll be back soon and will have some new and creative ways of editing with your iPhone Photos.




The photos I’ve posted is my up and coming work with my iPhoneography editing skills. You can e-mail me or leave any comments on any blogs. There is the Combo Apps Group on Flickr you can join and check out. Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr @ashcroft54. Oh and check out the *****contrasted gallery group on Flickr. They also have a Facebook page too, just click on the highlighted section.

Front Row SeatingGlass Globes#buddha #collage #instagram #iphone #iphoneograhy #photography #photography #iphoneograhy #iphone #instagram #jj #flowers #collageI took this picture with my iPhone, shooting thru the view finder of a Kidak Duaflex II. @joshjohnson #jj_forum-0182 #instagram #iphone #iphoneograhy #photography www.theapptutor.coA Ponzy piace: dormire nel lavandino
Kiss me properly and pull me apart372There's affection to rent'Alamo Jones' Dispute Site, Thackley, Yorkshirethe blues slip inTottenham after the rioting
Tottenham after the riotingTottenham after the rioting371Woman with DotsHeaven is waitingBy The Dawn's Early Light
DJ Manat the terraceAttack of the killer tulipsHanging out with dadJohn Wayne AirportEl Matador Downtown Portland

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