Combo Apps/Instagram vs. EyeEm vs. Photovine

Camera Roll-1195

Today is a special blog for the people who are unsure where to go in sharing their iPhone Photos. Jonathan on Instagram/Photovine asked me to help him how to navigate Photovine for him. I told him I’ll do better and blog about the 3 biggie photo sharing networks. Since I have A.D.D., I get bored of just doing Instagram all the time on my phone (same thing with iPhone editing). Now all 3 sites have their PROs and CONs, just like with the photo apps. I don’t think there is one better than the other, in my opinion. It’s really based on what you want in a photo sharing network. We all know the biggie photo sharing network on the internet is Flickr. Hands down Flickr is the best of the best in photo sharing, information on anything/everything photography, mixed with Pros to the snappy happy photographer. My friends are always asking me all sorts of information about photography. I tell them you want real information by real photgraphers. Then sign up for Flickr and start looking for groups and discussion on the cameras, gear and editing.

Now it’s all about mobile photographer on the go or a live feed for expression. Today we live in a fast mobile world and the iPhone has changed, shaped and innovate the was we uses our mobile phones. Then better built cameras and application was born and started a whole new revolution. The first two iPhone didn’t have that great of cameras in their phones. I started with a 3G, then upgraded to the 4. The 3Gs started a new revolution with a better camera and video with a faster processor. I’m guessing that’s when the photo apps started to explode on the market. The Hipstamatic was born, how digital turned into analog and LoFi became a growing and popular way of expression. Then people wanted to share their mobile art photos. That’s when Instagram was born. Started a new type of photo sharing, based of your iPhone. Then there is also the Droid Network with Droid Smart Phones. It’s 1/3 of the smart phone population. They need an outlet for their expression too. That’s were EyeEm comes into the mix. Trying to be the happy medium for both networks…maybe. Last we have the newest from Google called Photovine, which was released to the public a few days ago. The app already has controversy for coping another photo sharing app called Piictu. Neither of the two are fighting or suing each other…yet…like Apple/Samsung. So…let get started with the 3 app in full detail…after you read this blog decide what makes you happy in sharing your photos with the world.

Camera Roll-1212

Instagram was released on October 6th, 2010. I signed up a little less than a month after it was released. It was developed by two guys name Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. What the app did was bring back the square in photographer, share your photos with the world and made a universal connection to everyone in the world. Not everyone speaks the same language, but a photo can translate the same emotions to billions all over the world. I love the idea of being able to see the world with out going anywhere. It’s amazing feeling to see someone span a shot and share here I am in the world. I have friends all over the world because of Instagram has made it possible. They have made an ordinary person into something extra ordinary…no one can argue it. I’ve made two very good friends (Ardee Horne and David Wright) just in San Diego because of Instagram. They share their everyday lives in San Diego with a simple photograph.

The only thing I wish it had was a desktop site to look at other people’s photos. So sites like Webstagram, Gramfeed and Statigram were born, third party sites to look at your’s and other’s Instagram Photos.

Camera Roll-1214

The Instagram camera, snap a shot and used the preset filters. Ther Pick the places you want your photo show up such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and Posterous. You can even e-mail your photo too. The downside is the photo resolution is 612×612. You have to load the photo onto Inastragram in order to save your photo om the camera roll. There are ways around it, but I don’t think it’s really worth the trouble for 612×612.

Camera Roll-1213

The infamous Popular Page…people love to be popular some more than others. This is my rule about the popular page, if you not happy looking at the photos on there. Don’t click and look at the page, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. When Insatgram started it got a lot of flack for posting of Pets, Children, Food/Cappuchinno and Clouds shots. Those photos will always be part of Instagram and I love to look at them.

Camera Roll-1216

People you follow and what they are looking at other people’s photos. It’s really neat because you might see something you like and want to follow or look at their feed.

Camera Roll-1215

Comments from people about my photo or if you’ve been tagged to look at someones photo.

Camera Roll-1217

Setting up your profile page and looking at your own feed.

Camera Roll-1218

This is my feed.

Instagram is broken down into 3 basic things. Snapping photos and posting, Popular and following people, such a simple concept. You can post just about anything within reason. There have been some problems with Instagram over time. This goes with any photo sharing site. Such as the people taking other people’s photos and passing them as their own. Cheating on the challenges that are posted, like constant spamming to look at me or making multiple accounts to hit the “like” button. Another thing I dislike are people who follow you, you take the time to look at their feed and then they unfollow you. Shame on you for doing that, if you seeking for some kind of popularity or approval then go else where for that crap. Having 1000 “likes” with hundreds of comments doesn’t make you a great photographer or in this case iPhoneographer. I will not tolerate people’s bullshit…

Camera Roll-1219

EyeEm was launched in August 4th 2011 with a new and improved sharing format and app update. It’s based in Berlin Germany. The happy medium where both iPhone and Droid both collide and base on the idea of “Vibes.” The concept is a smart photo sharing App that learns what you love and recommends vibes from like-minded people around the world. Just snap a beautiful photo and see where it takes you. A vibe is an intelligent photo album that automatically picks up similar content. It’s like a magic magnet for photos. Some people have had this app (old EyeEm) for a year and love the new and improved format. I still have a hard time with following on EyeEm, but I’m up for the challenge. Another Pro about this app is it has a desktop site feature, you don’t have to do everything on your phone. You have the option of using the site.

Camera Roll-1220

The community news of what’s going on EyeEm. It’s kind of hard to follow, becuase it about everyone you follow or some kind of connection to you and your photos.

Camera Roll-1221

Your simple settings.

Camera Roll-1223

My Vibes of what’s going on with my connections.

Camera Roll-1227

My live feed.

Camera Roll-1226

The feed of who I follow on EyeEm.

Camera Roll-1225

The Popular Page.

Camera Roll-1222

Now let’s talk about the camera on EyeEm, what I love about this camera is the presets are live. It’s like having lens filters put on your camera.

Camera Roll-1230

When you post a photo from the camera, this is what will happen after the post. Your posting live locations, now El Cajon CA is on the map on EyeEm. It also gave the photo name lunch. When you link EyeEm to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. It also does a machine tag like Instagram. The tag is “lunch.”

Lunch at Starbucks

Lunch at Starbucks

Here is the snap shot of the shot I took at Starbucks. The resolution is an impressive 968×1268. I’ve deleted both these photos off EyeEM, but you get the idea of how it works.

Camera Roll-1089

These photos are on EyeEm and I’m only going to post my best iPhoneography Edited Photos on their. This is the place where I’ll have my best work shown. What I noticed is the photos on EyeEm are not “Snappy Happy” photos. They are full of artistic, well thought out and composed photos. Instagram has all types of photos on their feed. It’s mind blowing eye candy…so I’m showing off my eye candy !!!

Camera Roll-1244

Photovine, a photo-sharing application for iPhone from Google, landed on the App Store Wednesday. The application offers mobile users a way to share photos in public threads called “vines.” Concept: “Plant a photo, watch it grow.” You could say this is a more “snappy happy” place to be in the sharing network.

Camera Roll-1231

This is a really great place to be, because you don’t have to follow 1000 people. Whether you follow a person or not you can see other people’s photos based on “vines”. You can watch the vines grow, so you just really follow the vines and not the people. This is the default page when you load up Photovine, the Activity Page.

Camera Roll-1232

Three different types of vines to look at with sub-vines pages. This is Fresh, where the new vines are starting to grow.

Camera Roll-1233

Popular is way different on here, where it’s not based on the individual person. It’s all vine base that makes it popular, so if you like the attention of being a popular individual this is the photo sharing site for you.

Camera Roll-1234

Last is the vines you watch on Photovine. How it works is your photos are loaded into different vines, you either make up the new vine or put it in an existing vine. This can be bit hard to get used to at first. What makes it great is your looking at a lot of different photos from people you would not ever look or follow on Instagram. I have people who are on Instagram that don’t follow me there, but follow me on Photovine.

Camera Roll-1242

The Inbox has two options. Notifications is where people who like or comment your photos, want to follow you and or tagged you to look at something that would interest you.

Camera Roll-1243

You can also send messages to people on Photovine, which is great because something are better left in private and not out in the open. I know I post personal stuff on Instagram, but I’m also looking for some advice from other people. Sometimes I don’t like to read long extended conversations on photos, just to reply to the original post.

Camera Roll-1245

Your settings. Now if you don’t people to know your location, then this is not the site for you. I don’t care if people know my location, bring on the stalkers !!! My life is boring anyways, I don’t do anything exciting.

Camera Roll-1236

I’m loading a photo on Photovine, so how it works is you either type in a vine you want your photo to be posted in. I’m going to post it in an existing vine.

Camera Roll-1235

This is how it works with the vines, you type in and it will see of the vine exist or creating a new vine. It’s kind of cool to see a vine grow, especially if it’s something you created yourself.

Camera Roll-1237

You can type in the story behind the photo is you want. It ends up in the comments.


I used the camera on Photovine. It’s not all that impressive. The resolution is 640×640 and no filters to enhance your photos. I put the photo in an existing vine.

Over all I think Photovine has great potential for room to grow as a photo sharing app. This is another alternative to see more photos from different people all over the world. One thing I dislike the most is the “like” button is too close to the “watch” button. I always hit the watch button, which I find frustrating. Photovine is a group or team orientated place to share and socialized with people. You could say this is the true photo/social-networking app. You have the best of both worlds in one place. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people…so come and “grow” with me on Photovine !!! Last thing wanted to add…I LOVE THAT MONKEY !!!

If you have an questions about this blog please leave a comment or e-mail me, You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, EyeEm and Photovine @ashcroft54. Please check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr too.

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