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The Thing Itself

We are going to talk about a man name John Szarkowski’s. If you don’t who he is, then I suggest you Google him or buy his book, “The Photographer’s Eye.” The book is about how a photographer sees 5 different ways. He break them down and explains about how a photographer will see people, places and things. What this will teach you is how to see ordinary things we take for granted. A simple object can be photographed in the most artist way, but it’s how you see the thing and the different angles used to shot it. For example I work at Target and see things every single day. Everything is always constantly around you. You don’t need to go to fancy exotic places to shoot photographs. Some people have said how I make ordinary things look extraordinary ? Well I’m to show you how with that simple Lego guy up above, taken with Leme Leme. Once you understand the concept of The Thing Itself, everything and anything will start to pop out in front of you.

The Thing Itself-1

Take a simple thing, anything will do and place it on a table. First study the object, look at it at all angles, look at the shadows it draws out and then start snapping the pictures. I suggest you bracket your shots. That means take 3 or 4 of the same shots. Why ? Because you will have slight variations and no one will look the same, they always will be off kilter from each other. Choose the best shot you think looks the best, this also teaches you how to shoot photos from your gut and right on. I also edited the photo in 4 different styles of color with Qbro. They are Normal, Popsicle, Citron and Tok Tok. The reason why I did these crazy color designs is also will teach you to look for details. Certain things will pop out with different color details. That’s why it’s important to learn Black and White to see the details and tones. I took this outside my front yard on top of a deck rail with a big tree. The sun is the best light to shoot with, nothing compares to the sun.

The Thing Itself-2

The Thing Itself-3

The Thing Itself-4

Next start to shoot the thing at different angles. It’s important to shoot you subject at different angle, because you start to see details with the different angles. You will notice the perspectives are different too. This is the basic way of how people learn to draw. You start to see the angles flow in different directions. You see where the lines will go in the drawing, same thing with photography. These are basic fundamentals of learning to “see.” That how you learn negative and positive space, then next composition and the rule of three. Those are the basics of learning any art medium. You apple those basic fundamentals.

The Thing Itself-5

The Thing Itself-6

Now if you’re using a figure, doll or toy, it’s important to learn to pose them. Play with them and move their part around. Then place, stand or hang them and take some shots of that pose in different angles. You will see more details, more perspectives and more angles that will pop out. You will also see shadows popping out too. If you a mom, your kids have toys toss all over the place. Sometimes taking toy just toss in a corner can be interesting. Another thing you also do when shooting your things is taking one certain part or areas of them. For example one of the arms, legs, part of the torso, head, face and so on…then we can add abstract to your list of ways to see. A lot of people don’t really understand the concept of abstract, even I didn’t really know who it was for along time. But that’s a whole another blog and subject to talk discuss later.

The Thing Itself-Lego Guy

One last look at an artsy edit of Lego Guy. The following apps used were Orasis, InfiniFX, Tilt Shift Gen, Bleach Bypass, Pic Grunge and Pic Frame. Now if you have Instagram this is what I would like you to do so we can build on this blog. I want you to take a picture of The Thing Itself. You can edit it anyways you like, no holds barred. Then tag me @ashcroft54 and #the_thing_itself. I want to see this grow into something huge will all sorts of different things. Please spread the word too…this is something all iPhoneographers should be doing. It’s fun and will push your creativity to the next level.

If you have any questions about this blog, please leave a comment or e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54. There is also the Combo Apps Group on Flickr, check it out and join up and show us your creative editing in the group pool.

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  1. Tiffany white says:

    Fantastic! Your blogs have taught me so much Tina..

  2. Carry says:

    Great blog Tina, it is indeed all in the way you look at things

  3. Interesting post. Thank you!

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