Combo Apps/Shuchu-Sen Sessions !

Camera Roll-801

The photo up above was taken with Leme Leme and edited with a FREE app called Shuchu-Sen! It’s the kind of app you use for making look like there’s drastic movement or speed of light look to you photos. I’ve discovered that there is more to this app then making things look like it’s going the speed of light or movement. You can make them look like a graphic novel image or have that comic book/manga/anime appeal too. I really enjoy playing with this app a alot. so why not blog about it. I saw this app being used by @transitionpete on Instagram, when he did his Herbie photo edit. One last thing I’m also a huge Naruto Manga & Anime fan !!!

Camera Roll-786

Shuchu-sen is a very simple app, you can leave the complications at the door with this app. It’s free at the app store & an iPhone only app. Sorry iPad users this is the real advantage of having an iPhone over the iPad beside the Retina Display. Although it’s nice to have an iPad for editing photos. The directions of how to use the app is very simple.

Camera Roll-781

The demo photo I’ll be using for the blog, shot with Leme Leme & the Tilt Shift lens.

Camera Roll-787

After you load your photo in the app, this is your default edit at the start.

Camera Roll-788

This is what it looks like when you tap on “Heavy”. you can audjsy how heavy you want with “line count” & “line width”.

Camera Roll-789

Shadow is added to the mix, to give you that 3D or graphic novel effect to you photos.

Camera Roll-791

When you tap on “color” it changed from black to white, sometimes you might want a white effect to you photo.

Camera Roll-790

Last is white with shadow, the pure graphic effect…LOL !!!

Camera Roll-792

You can tap on “edit” to see what your photo will look like after you done with your lines. You can also make the center of your photo larger or smaller by using your two fingers and pinch in or out.

Camera Roll-794

My finished Shuchu-sen edit, but I’m not done with this photo yet !!!

Camera Roll-795

I like to add a border to my photos, so I loaded it on to Pic Tools for my border of choice. It’s us to you with what you want to do with your photo !!!

Camera Roll-795

Camera Roll-795

Here are two more examples I did with Shuchu-sen but I edit them with Dynamic Light before using Shuchu-sen. I also used different borders with Pic Tools. Sometimes the best are FREE & Simple, do be fooled by the word FREE at the App Store.

Now if you have any questions you can leave a comment or email me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram @ashcroft54. Please check out the Combo Apps group on Flickr down below. Happy editing and see you soon !!!

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