El Cajon CA 3


We start with a dirty, old broken left behind tote. It seems there is always something interesting things that get left behind the mail box. Last week it was an old red shopping cart. Who knows what will pop up or left at the mail box. One thing I can say that N. First St is not a boring place.


This time when I went for my walk around El Cajon, I noticed the weekend yard sale. This was the second time I saw people outside their apartment complex having yet another yard sale. It shows that times are still tough. I’m glad I still have my full time job at Target, all thought I dislike working for them. I see things like this and say to myself thank yourself to still have a job. Hopefully the families that have their yard sale make some money that they need to feed their families.


I always take great pleasure in seeing sign like these. You can buy car batteries and get a little tagging/graffiti on you business sign. I guess the person wanted to let everyone know that he blacked in the price and “X” out the old price…LOL !!!


Next is a hidden trailer park, it’s a single and double wide paradise hidden on Main St, in El Cajon. I saw this well manicured front entrance to the trailer park. I’m sure this is one of those retired places. Palm trees seems to make everything look Californian, not matter where you go in East County you will see all types of Palm Trees used for landscape decor. I see more Palm Trees here in El Cajon than any other place in San Diego Country.


Mc Alister Thrift Shop, has a nice ring to it. I saw this Thrift shop a few times and from the outside it looks interesting. Someday I should go in and check this place out since I need a few items for my place. It’s open Monday through Friday 9-9, not sure what the weekends time for business is, they have Military Discount at 30% and a Senior Day for 50%. Sounds really exciting if your old and in the military, too bad I’m not either. You might want to check this place out.


As I was walking along someone left out a tasty treat…LOL !!! I’m not sure if they forgot it or they are trying to poison the homeless. Either way it’s a waste of food and I hate to see food wasted. I need to take a picture of it. It was definitely a Photo Op.


Now if your looking for a huge furniture store, look no more !!!! Check out Cash & Carry…Discount Furniture. They have a website, just click on the Cash & Carry and check them out. The building looks like it takes up a whole city block. A place I should go and check out, since I moved and everything.


Here we have a very protected apartment complex. I like the red gate and all the signs posted that we are watching everyone. I wonder if they got me snapping this shot…LOL !!!


Random metal bench, I’m sure once upon a time this used to be an old bus stop. Probably got discontinued due to California Budget cuts…


This is something I see all over El Cajon, the random shopping cart that got left behind. I’m sure the employees from Big LOTS ! will not be happy about this or will ever get their cart. Something for the kids to play with and push out in the street while cars drive up and down. This is the reason why prices go up at stores, because people are too lazy to carry their bags home or they over shopped. Hopefully this cart will be returned to the proper place of business, if not a homeless person will pick up this nice cart.


Valley Motel, this sign is really tall and huge. Why ? Because Interstate * is right near this motel. What I love most is the liquor store that is in front of the motel. It’s a theme here in El Cajon. When you drive around you will see nothing but Liquor Stores all over the place. I’m planning to take photos of all the Liquor stores all over El Cajon and do a special blog about them, next to the check cashing place next to them or in the liquor store. I don’t think the motel is that big, but you sure can pick up some hard liquor, 6, 12 and 24 packs of beer and cigarettes/cigars. You can also cash your check or pay check their too. That’s probably why I don’t see a lot of banks in El Cajon…


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