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The picture above is a new editing style done by a guy name Bruno, if you click on his name you can go to his site to see how he does this type of editing. I’m going to call it “Broonoo Blur Edit”. He calls it Nice Surrealism. I saw his feed on Instagram awhile ago. He has one amazing feed. The blog is an extension to his Instagram feed. Either way you can follow him or read his blog. I will show you step by step in how to blur out your photos with Filterstorm. He said that his English is not great and it’s hard for him to write in details of how to do this type of editing. I’m going to help the guy out, because he is willing to share his secret. Bruno said “blurring is the key in this type of editing.” He’s also said that’s he’s not a photographer, but he could of fooled me. He understand composition, moments and capture. That’s all you need !!! Everything he takes is art of people watching !!!

I took this picture using Qbro. There is a reason why I went with Qbro, because it’s borderless. Borderless photos look the best for this type of editing, but you can use any camera app you want. Bruno said there is no right or wrong way with what photos you use. It’s very subjective. I prefer the borderless photo.

There is a reason why you want to use Filterstorm, he’s tried and I’ve tried suing other blur apps. Blur FX doesn’t so the blur justice, even when you try to do the setting at high. The texturing doesn’t come out right and blur is not so dreamy. If you want to try other blur app and let Broonoo know, then click on the name that is highlighted up above and leave him a message. He’s pretty much the master in this editing. He would like feed back from others to let him know.

Tap on the half shaded sunshine icon and tap on Blur.

You’re in the auto blur area of the app. You will see a slider on left hand side facing you.

Slide it all the way up, so it looks like the screen, half blur and half normal. You want the blur up to max.

Tap on the slide control. Make sure you have it “Show Mask Color”. Why ? You want to be able to see what will get blurred out. It will be a salmon/pinkish color that colors out the photo. You also want to make the image large before you start masking, so you can see where to color and erase too. It helps to make your lines and curves straighter. That’s why the photo is blown up.

Make sure you check 3 things before starting, Diameter, Softness and Opacity. You want to make sure you have Softness and Opacity up to 100%. Diameter is your brush side for masking your photo out.

Now this took me awhile to mask out the photo, this is where if you have real patience. Make sure you mask it all out right the first time. Mistakes I’ve made are missing spots and not making straight lines and curves. The reason why you don’t want to miss is if you do, the spots shows, You can try to blur them out, but it shows where you miss because the blur doesn’t clone in right. You will have blur spots and it looks horrible. I have to do the blur twice. I’m really anal when it comes to certain types of editing. This is one of those you have to be anal and right on. Also if you don’t make the mask right in certain spots, you will see the jagged lines. I wish you could feather the lines and curves out. This is something you can comment on at the App Store to the developer. Masking is way better on an iPad, because if you anal you can see where you’ve miss better and get into smaller spots of the photo. Someday I’ll get an iPad…once you start masking in your blur, you have keep at until you’re finished. If you leaving in the middle of masking, your photo turns black & you can’t see where you need to finishing masking. I’ve done this twice, so I’m telling you from experience. Keep masking until your done, then hit the check mark after you’re done.

You hit the check mark at the corner right and BAM !!! The masked area is blurred out…cool, huh !!!

Now I’m going to bring out details and color. Bruno likes to use Pro HDR. I like using Dynamic Light on Normal. Then pump it up to 100%. I love to blast the color and details out and make it super contrasty. It’s up to you what you want to use to bring out the details of you blurred photo.

Dynamic Light 100% on Normal.

Now I load my photo into Pic Tools and use Effects.

Then I tap on color and i pick a preset that makes the image a little more on the Yellow side. I want it to feel a little more warm and retro.

Pic Grunge, the reason why I use this app is I like the textures that comes out in editing photos. I picked “Scuffed” first after I load my photo. I also always pick out After Hours, because I like the textures details to pop !!!

Then I slide the strength down to more than half so I don’t drown out my image I’m editing.

My finished edited Broonoo Blur Edit photo.

Paper Lattern

I edited this photo with a Hipstamatic shot, blurred it out with Filterstorm, used Photo Forge 2 and Pic Tools for texturing the blur.

If you have any questions please leave comments on the blog or e-mail me You can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54 You can also check out Bruno’s Blog and follow him on Instagram. Have a nice Surrealism !!!

You can also check out the Flickr Group, Combo Apps down below. See other people in the group show off their creativity and editing iPhoneography skills.

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

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  1. David says:

    Great info and explanation! Thank you once again!

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