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Alisha Jumps !

The photo I have is my friend Alisha whose jumping in the pool. The photo was taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with a new app called Pic Tools. Pic Tools is developed by David Boyes from the maker of Pic FX and Pic Frame. This is a really great editing app for everything on the go and Instagram. It has nice features on overlays to textures. Now this app is on SALE at the app store for a limited time, $.99. Pick it up while it’s HOT !!! I picked this app last night really late. Instead of sleeping I was playing with this app, who needs sleep when you can edited on your iPhone.

I’m going to use this photo I shot and edited with Plastic Bullet. You eventually see why I used a portrait style photo later on in the blog.

When the app loads up you will have the gray and white checkered screen before you load any photo to be edited. All you have to do is tap on the camera button on the top left hand of the screen. This is an “Edit Only” app, so you have to have pictures in your camera roll or preloaded albums/photos in order to used this app. Now as you see there is a photo I loaded ready to be edited with Pic Tools. Now for then next set of pictures I will show you screen shots of what the buttons down below do…

Crop, it’s pretty self explanatory. You have your standard ratio settings and a grid on the screen. Just tap on how you would like to crop your photo and pull the corner tab to your liking, move the grid around to where you want it to crop out the unwanted areas. It’s very easy and simple to use.

Transform, this is for rotating or flipping your photo to your liking.

Overlays, this has two options.
1. You can pick the presets that are already loaded in the app. It’s how much scratches/light leaks you want to overlay on your photo. The slider up on top below Overlays is how strong you want your scratches/light leaks you want to lay on your photo.
2. You can custom to how you want your overlays to your liking. What it does is you can blend other photos in your camera roll. It’s also has a blend mode too.You can blend to your hearts content.

Effect, has two options Colors and Antique. The two screen shots are for Color and Curves. You can also see the same slider below the Color and Curves option. this was you apply how much color or curves you want to lay on top of your photo.

Antique is for your monochrome effect for you photo, there is a slider on top to allow how much mono you want in your photo. It can also be a desaturation effect or a color filter to lay on top of your photo.

Quick, this is for someone who doesn’t want to play and edit with their photos. It’s preloaded presets that come with the app, if you want something “Quick” and “Easy” this is option for you. Sometimes you don’t have the time to sit and edit your photo. Just tap on next until you find the edit you like, you can use the slider to control how much or little effect you want on your photo.

Borders, the last button on the app. you can pick what kind of border you want on your photo. Just scroll through with your finger and tap on the border you like.

Save, this is the best part of the app. They have your resolution option and “squared”. Now you can have a white or black squared behind you photo so you can load them on Insatgram. Let me tell you how much I love these guys for thinking about all of us IGers, this is one amazing breakthrough. No more Photo Gene frame and save, no more using Juxtaposter or any other app you’ve been using to fit the square format framing on IG. Now you can post portraits and landscape photos with ease also you can use all those other nonsquare format camera apps too. This is a HUGE breakthrough for everyone in IGland.

After you load up Instagram and you want to load your portrait or landscape photo you will have white/black boxes either on top or on the sides of your photo.You can fit your photo in perfectly on the square box by moving your finger. Now more fussing, playing and reloading to fit in the box anymore.

This is the photo that I loaded on Instagram. It fits perfect and looks great.

Click on Active Development if you want to check out their website. They have more info about their other apps. Let these guys know what problems you have with this app, just like the other two apps. They want honest feedback if your having problems with the app, so they can fix the problems A.S.A.P. Go to the Apple Apps Store online and leave a comment about their app.

If you have an questions about this blog, please leave comments or e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54.

There is the Combo App Apps & Picfx Groups to check out on Flickr. I wanted to app if you need help with any editing problems, please put in your problems in the “Apps Anonymous” box in loacted in the discussion section. If you want to put in your blog link so others can check out your blogs, add your blog link in the discussion topic under “Your Blog Links”

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

You can also follow picfx on Twitter and they will offer contests for a FREE code for their apps.

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picfx, a group on Flickr.

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