El Cajon, CA


Now the story behind the sign, this is where I live now not the mist desirable place I would like to live, but it will do for now. Recently I had to move out of where I used to live in Lemon Grove, CA. It seems my whole family has made it aware I don’t belong, specially my dad. I found a place to live in El Cajon on First St. It’s really quiet with a busy road and a killer drive way I have to walk up. It took me awhile to get used to living here. It’s very different from Lemon Grove. The streets are wider and longer with more cars and people. I don’t have internet at the momenta because I’m struggling to get by working at Target. The guy I live with name Jeff is a bit eccentric and lives very minimal. He’s been really nice to me and super helpful about my situation. He’s actually treats me better than my dad ever has…it’s weird how a stranger will treat you far better than your family. All my life my family has a way of taking their own happiness out on me. They don’t want to tall about their problems and issues. They make it appoint of just being angry, selfish and bragging whose better. In my opinion if you all met them, you would wonder how did I fit in this mess…



Track homes seem to be none existence where I live. Where I live on First St., there are no track homes. All the houses are on big yards or small yards with crazy steep drive ways. I’m sure there are track homes in El Cajon somewhere, but you’ll have to drive to find them. I kind of like how the houses are all different from each other. It makes the area I live very ornate. When I lived in Lemon Grove most of the blocks have track homes, they all fit neat in row and 4 or 5 different model homes.


Inky’s Bicycle Shop, I’m always glad to see mom and pop business that still thrive after the whole economic crash. This shop intrigues me as I walk or drive passed it. I should stop in and take photos or ask the owner if he need photos for advertising. It would help on my portfolio as a photographer.
Inky’s Bicycle Shop, 1018 Broadway, El Cajon CA, 92021


Now this building here used to be home of Blue Meanies Records, I’m sad that they moved. It’s one of the best record stores in San Diego County. I spent my teenage to my 20’s in this record store. This was the place where I could find The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order and ect…of rare imports, picture discs and color vinyl records. I always found the coolest stuff there. It’s where I for all my Misfits records. The sad part is I lost all my vinyls records, pictures dics and color vinyls. I’m not sure what happened to them. When I was moving, packing stuff, loading things in my truck from the garage. When I was unpacking I noticed they were missing. I’m thinking someone might of took them, because I had them where nothing would destroy them in the garage. It makes me angry because those records I had were irreplaceable…I will be paying a visit to the new location of Blue Meanie Records.
Blue Meanies Records, 1164 N 2nd St., El Cajon CA, 92021 (between Persimmon Ave & Sumner Ave)


Last part of this blog is where I’m at Starbucks. I’m at the Starbucks on the corner of Broadway and Mollison. They don’t have a lot of plugs where you can plug-in your laptop, so I’m in a corner where the sun is coming in and shining on my laptop. It’s hard to see the keys as I type. The reason why I’m always at Starbucks is I don’t have any internet where I live. It’s the perks of struggling and trying to get by in life, while working at Target. I’m hoping the photography will start picking up for me so I can make the extra money…hopefully these blogs will start taking off too.

The El Cajon Series could be the start of a new be the start of a new be the new start of a blog series. There are lots of interesting things to take pictures of with my iPhone. I could use different photo apps with each series. This series were taken with Hipstamatic, Libatique 73 Lens and Float Film. We’ll see what happens…

See you soon…Tina.


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  1. pinkybinks says:

    Beauitiful shots.

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