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54 Studebaker Truck

Pic Frame is from the makers of Pic FX by Ben Curious & David Boyes. I wanted to add that David Boyes is the only developer for this app. You can pick this up at the App Store for $.99. What I like about this app is options that other collage apps don’t have. There’s always slight variations between Pic Frame and Diptic. Both are great collage apps but Pic Frame has an edge with rounded corners, pattern frame and HIGH RESOLUTION !!! That’s right you can save your collages at 2400X2400 !!! The collage up above is my friend’s Studebaker 54 rebuilt from the ground up firetruck, turned into a pick up truck. It’s a beautiful truck if you were to see it in real life.

This will be the photo I’ll be using for the blog. It was shot with Hipstamatic. The photo is Target Carts lined up shot at an angle.

Page 1

Page 2
There are 2 pages of frames to select from Pic Frame after you load the app up. It pretty much covers on the different block styles of making your collage. Now if you think they need more, please write a review at the App Store if you have purchased the app. They love constructive feed back about their apps. They listen to their customers really well, which is the reason why I love these guys. They go out of their way to make the changes from the reviews they receive from actual customers.

You will noticed that when you tap on the 1:1 ratio button. You have other ratios to choose from. They make it easy if you prefer other ratios. Not everyone has Instagram and use square format, some of the people who read my blogs are Flickr Members only. Not everyone likes square format either. It’s really important to have choices in developing an app.

Now I’ve loaded all my photos in the 4 squares I picked for my collage. I used Crop Suey to turn them in 4 different directions. I also used Dynamic Light to bring out details and give it that tone mapping look. If your wondering what I plan to do with these 4 different direction photos, you will see as this blog progresses. Also I wanted to add they have two slider at the bottom of the collage, that’s for sliding your picture left to right. It’s more effective if you have rectangle pictures and your making a rectangle photos. Maybe you don’t want to show the whole photo or a section of the photo that’s when you use the sliders at the bottom to adjust to your liking. I wanted to add something that David told me last night about his app. He said; “The two sliders under the frames are so you can customize the layout of the frame, which means Pic Frame doesn’t require as many frames since you can move them to how you want :-). It’s also one of the big features in my opinion as it means you can use the same frame and adjust it with the sliders for a completely different look.” Another thing we passed messages about his app is: “The ones that have 2 sliders one works for the Vertical the other horizontal. I will adjust the interface in an update to make it a bit more obvious as to what they do :-). The best way to see is to choose a frame and adjust them without an image in there so you can see how the overall look of the frame changes :-).” So everyone who has this app, there will be an update coming real soon for this app !!!

Now it’s style time for your photo, what that does is for your framing. You can add color or patterns to your frames. You can also adjust how thick or thin you want your frame too, by using the slider on top. Right now it’s on color. You can pick black or white for your frame, but you want a different color. That’s when you slide the RGB slider to change the color/hue to your liking.

Now it’s on pattern. I like to pick out the dark gray pattern that looks like masking tape. I really like that textured edge and color. It’s my favorite frame to use with this app, in case your wondering how I get that edge frame.

Now here’s the best part saving your collage, as you can see there’s that 2400×2400 save option. Not a lot of collage apps have this option, but I could be mistaken too.

Here’s my finished collage of 4.

Now lets talk about another great option on the top called “Corners”. Basically you can have rounded inner corners added your framing. This option is really cool when you want that retro look to your photo editing. You can use the slider on how much roundness you want in your inner corners.

Here is the finished framed photo I edited. What I did was use DXP app for blending and layering the 4 turned photos. I used Multiply for my blending. It came out really cool. That’s my combination for tonight’s blog.

If you have any questions about this blog or other blogs, please e-mail me or please leave comments on the blog. You can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54.

You can also check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr too. I’ve also added an App Anonymous to the discussion. It’s for everyone that needs help with apps or looking for some advice for other apps. I’m hoping it will get people to talk more in the group and discuss problems or share ideas. I want to hear from other members in the group. You can click on Combo Apps if you want to check out the group and the group pool. Come and check it out !!!

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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Pic Frame

  1. I adore this app! In some ways, it’s even better than diptic…, but not ALL ways! 😉

  2. Hey! I wanted to post a couple of your photos on my blog, but wanted to make sure it was okay with you first . . . you’ve got some excellent tips and resources for iphoneographers- and naturally, I’d source anything I posted! let me know (let me know also, it you have anything in particular – like a favorite – you want posted – or just tell me to go away)! lol!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Sure, you can post anything you want of mine. Just make sure you put my name Tina Rice & ASHCROFT54 at the bottom of the picture. Anything else you want to add is fine with me. How can I tell you to go away !!! I want the word to spread. I want to write a book about this stuff and hopeful lecture all over the world !!!

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  5. Elen Tj says:

    But a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great design and style . “He who will not reason is a bigot he who cannot is a fool and he who dares not is a slave.” by Sir William Drummond.

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