Hipstamatic Week 34

Hipstamatic 232/365 iPhone 232/365
232. What’s beyond the fence ?

Hipstamatic 233/365 iPhone 233/365
233. Get your change here !

Hipstamatic 234/365 iPhone 234/365
234. Sink Soap & Hand Dryer

Hipstamatic 235/365 iPhone 235/365
235. The light up above…

Hipstamatic 236/365 iPhone 236/365
236. A flower’s point of view.

Hipstamatic 237/365 iPhone 237/365
237. My Bathroom Window

Hipstamatic 238/365 iPhone 238/365
238. The Huddle

Hipstamatic 241/365 iPhone 241/365Hipstamatic 1/365 iPhone 1/365Hipstamatic 2/365 iPhone 2/365Hipstamatic 3/365 iPhone 3/365Hipstamatic 4/365 iPhone 4/365Hipstamatic 5/365 iPhone 5/365
Hipstamatic 6/365 iPhone 6/365Hipstamatic 7/365 iPhone 7/365Hipstmatic 8/365 iPhone 8/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 11/365 iPhone 11/365
Hipstamatic 12/365 iPhone 12/365Hipstamatic 13/365 iPhone 13/365Hipstamatic 14/365 iPhone 14/365Hipstamatic 15/365 iPhone 15/365Hipstamatic 16/365 iPhone 16/365Hipstamatic 17/365 iPhone 17/365
Hipstamatic 18/365 iPhone 18/365Hipstamatic 19/365 iPhone 19/354Hipstamatic 20/365 iPhone 20/365Hipstamatic 21/365 iPhone 21/365Hipstamatic 22/354 iPhone 22/365Hipstamatic 23/365 iPhone 23/365

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2 Responses to Hipstamatic Week 34

  1. andrea says:

    These are really great!! Also, was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to figure out how to set my resolution settings on hipstamatic higher, because when i try to get prints from the website it says my photos resloutions are too low… and noone can seem to help.. IM DESPERATE Thanks so much and love your work!!!

    • Tina Rice says:

      See the lever by the lens and two dots below it. A medium dot and a small, those are the resolution setting for the Hipstamatic App. Push the lever up like the screen shot up above and you will have high resolution. Now when you start to shoot on high resolution, it will take longer to process your photos. You can shoot up to 9 photos wait for them to be processed. Also another thing if you do the 9 shots the app can crash and you will loose all the photos you shot.

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