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Start with a photo and push the post processing.

Sorry for the long delay on the Combo Apps Blogs. I’ve had to move recently, so been busy moving and sorting my mess out. It’s been a real hard things for me to do, since I had to give up my cat, Olive. The cat I really love and I’m a little lost with out her. Someday when I get my life in order I’ll get Olive back or a new cat, I’m hoping to get Olive back. Now that you know what’s been going on and the long delay, let’s talk about this way of combinations with apps.

What I’m going to show you is a way of pushing post processing with a single pictures. It’s a way to see how far you can go to push your photo to extremes. I’ll show you how to pile about 8 different apps on top of each other and blending them. It’s once way to see different results of you photo. The photo on top is an example of how to push post processing. The reason why I say post processing and not just processing is simple. Back in the days when everyone was using film to process, they used a process called push or pull process. Basically it was a for a photographer who wasn’t sure if their photos they shoot would come out the way they when wanted or wasn’t sure if they shot right on. You would mostly use this type of processing when your dropped off you slide film to be processed. The person at the counter would asked if you want to either push your film or pull your film. Push would be for under expose film and pull would be over exposed film. Slide film or positive film was really hard to shoot because it wasn’t as forgiving as color negative or black and white film. You only had 1/3 of a shop wit work with, also had to make sure you always shot your work right on the first time. The reason is slide film processing was very expensive, you didn’t want to waste your film or paper. It was double to triple of the cost compared to color or black and white film, but the results was worth every penny.

Today we have digital and we can see or have an idea of what we shoot with out cameras. All the files would be loaded into your computer to be post process. Post processing is after you shot all your photos. You use some type of software to edit your photos, like Photoshop. Digital has totally changed how we do photography today, The mystery is gone of how we shoot and print our photos now. In a way the magic of photography is gone and so is shooting from you gut. One thing I will say it’s really important to still get your photos shot right on, in my opinion. Lots of photograph seem to think Photoshop can save their ass from a bad shoot, when it reality it shows your just a lazy photographer with no real skills on how to use your camera.

Here is a picture I shot with Hipstamatic.

I’m going to use Photo Studio FX. Then load the photo into the app, both screen shots are shown on top.

Then I’m going to use the “Burnt Paper” effect for my first edit.

This is how I like the edit of my photo.

Processing my edit, if you notice while you wait for your process. You will get come random trivia fact about anything. It’s kind of cool and educational at the same time.

I’ll tap on the “Photo Album” to save my photo.

My Burnt Paper photo from Photo Studio FX.

Next I’ll use Pic Grunge, I’m not going to into too much details with this app because I’ve blogged about this app. The only different is from the last blog I did about this app is it has some updates done. The added texture to the app, which is really cool. You have an option what kind of texture you want your photo to be on. You will have to play with the texture and style with your photos/images.

How you save your photos is different too. You can add captions, upload them to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. When you want to save to your Photo Album, make sure you have that clicked on and tap on “Share It”.

My finished edit on Pic Grunge. I used Scuffed at half strength, original texture and After Hours from style.

Then I’ll use Image Blender or Blender to blend my photos together. I use the original photo I shot with the Pic Grunge photo together.

I picked Luminosity for my blending choice.

Blend then tap save your photo at top right.

My finished blended photo.

Now I’ll use Cross Process next for push post processing edit.

This is how it looks while you wait for cross processing is doing it’s thing. After the process is done, your photo will auto save on your camera roll.

My Cross Process results. You can also cross process your photo a few more time to get different results.

Then I’ll load an app called More Lomo, it doesn’t really have a start up page. Pretty much it will turn onto a camera. Yes those are my fingers in from of the camera. You can tape on Camera Roll to get the photo you want to process as your Lomo Effect.

This is my More Lomo finished photo.

Now we are going to use and app called Decolorized, basically it’s an app the brings out one color in your photo. It’s an easier way than loading it in a decolorized app and just coloring the areas you only want to show color in your photo. I’m going to tap on “Use image from Photo Album”.

How you use the app is there is a screen shot I left out. You touch the area of color you want, then it takes you to this screen you see here. You can bring out more or less of that color, redo your color choice and use the slider bar to change your color out. When you want to save your photo, you tap on the “Share Image”. It’s a really easy app to use.

Your options on what and how you want to save your photo.

The finished photo from Decolorized.

Picture Show is next and I want to use the Pop Art Effect.

It’s on Orginal, but Pop Art is the next effect.

I’m going to go us and down with my finger to get the Pop Art Color I like. This might take several tries…

Then I’m going to save to my “Camera Roll”. You have other options your can share your photo with or upload to.

My Pop Art Photo.

Next and last I’ll be using DXP for blending my image again. I will blend the Pop Art and Original Hipstamatic photo to blend.

I picked Multiply as my blending style.

My finished edited photo.

Then I’ll use Diptic to make a collage of my different edits. Set 1 of Push Post Processing.

Set 2 of my Push Post Processing Collage. This is a very trial and error processing style, you have to be careful that your don’t push too much because you will lose your image in the process. You want to retain as much as the original photo as much as possible. That’s the key in pushing, know your limits.

Now if you have any questions, you can leave comments on the blog or e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram @ashcroft54. You can also check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr down below. Check out other people’s creations.

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