Combo Apps/Percolator & Blending with DXP

The photo on top was used with the Percolator app. We are going to start of with an app called Percolator. I’m going to show how to use the app. Then I’ll show you a trick on how to blend the app with editing. You can buy the app for a $1.99 at the App Store. This is will be universal for the iPad also and will include a free update.

This is the photo I’ll be using to demo on how to use Percolator. It was shot with the Hipstamatic. I’ll show you all the combination of how use this app as a stand alone edit down below.




These are all the different combination of how you can edit your photo with this app. It works great with simple looking photos. If you use a photo with a lot of detail, it will look more like a mosaic and the original photo will look entirely different, like the photo I used in the beginning of the blog.

This photo I shot with Hipstamatic will be the one for the Combo Apps Blog.

Percolator, is an app that is base on brewing coffee. Believe it or not, you can actually develop photos using coffee. Back when I was going to Grossomont College and taking photo classes, there was a man who taught photographer and his name is Jim Noel. He was the guy who knew just about everything you could do when it came to printing and developing film. He has a degree in chemistry and self taught himself how to develop film and printed his own photos. This is what he told me, you can develop or print anything as long as if you some kind of acids, metals and water you can print anything. I took a special class with him one semester, where it was made for people who loved photography. You really needed to know the science of chemistry in order to understand reactions to papers and metals…

After the app is loaded you can see how the apps works, it such a simple app to use and pretty self explanatory.

Here I am going to load a photo from my Library.

After you pick your photo from the library, the app already starts to percolate.

This is the default percolation with any photo you load into the app.

In order to change how “Coarse” you want your photo to look, you have to rebrew the photo again. You tap on the coffee cup button to rebrew the coarseness of your photo. Everything else you can change/edit without the rebrewing.

When you do “Extra Fine” for coarseness, it will take a long time to brew your photo. Why ? Because you are putting in more details into the photo and it’s smaller.

After the processing I will save my photo.

The finish photo…with extra fine details of stars and served in black.



Then I will run my photo through Pic FX two times as you see up above.

Now I’m going to run an app called DXP, which means Double Exposure. It’s also a nice blending app that gives me different result from Image Blender. If you an app collector, you might want to buy this app. It’s $1.99 at the App Store. There is also a FREE version of this app too, but it doesn’t offer full resolution.

I’m going to load my photo from the album. I’m going to load two photos for blending. This took me a while to figure how to use this app.

You have to tap on the “up arrow” button in order load in your lay of photos. It’s on of those apps you have to figure out on your own.

The different types of blendings, just like Photoshop. The blends are under the “DXP Effect” button.

After you pick your blending and how much blending you want with the slide bar. You have to tap on the “down arrow” button. I will tap on “push down stack”, then tap on “save”.

Then for added effect I’ll load up Lens Light. I’ll use the half moon and sparkles. This is how you get your fake moon to go with your fake stars with shimmer…pretty cool !!!

Here’s another I shot and did the same type of editing and processing.

If you have any questions please leave comments or e-mail me You can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54.

You can also check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr.

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

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