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Sorry for the delay in blogging, I’m trying to get my photography business started. Right now I have done all the work with shooting and editing. It’s starting to take off a bit and it’s kind of exciting for me. I still have a lot to learn but my friends are helping me every step of the way. Now lets talk about the pictures up above, I know a lot of you are wondering how do I get all these lens flares and colorful bokeh on my photos, also the light rays shooting shining through. Well, it’s simple and I’ll be talking about two app tonight. One is called Rays, two is Lens Light. The framing is from Pic FX, which got a really nice update recently. I usually shoot my photos with Hipstamatic and they just got a cool update and Hipstapak.

Lets talk about an app called Rays, I’ll tell you the Pros and Cons for this app. Pros: it has a really nice dramatic effect and it’s a cut and dry app. It’s also used for the iPad after you buy and download the app. It’s $.99 at the App Store. Cons: It’s not very easy to use, only great for certain types of photos taken and I don’t use this app often.

This is the photo I used after editing through Dynamic Light and shot with Hipstamatic.

After you load the photo your using, you will see all kind of buttons to tap on. You will always start with this tiny circle with light shining through it. That is where you sun light will be coming from or shining through. You can place your sunlight on any where in the photo you like. There is no right or wrong way to set your sun. It’s also hard the place it just right, especially if your anal on where you want your sun to shine through. It takes time and practice to place and play.

You will notice that the setting it always set on “Rays” button as a default. You really have to play with all three button to get the right look in your photo.

I have it on color to play with the “Brightness”. I don’t really change the color.

Then you have to play with the “Opacity”. You’re always going back and forth in playing with these three button. I’m sure this app will be a lot easier to play with on the iPad, than your iPhone, because of the screen size. It’s a very difficult app to play with, because of the results you get when going through back and forth with your photo. Even if you think in theory it might work with your photo, it doesn’t always work. So if you plan on shooting certain type of photos or doing a series of photos, it’s not an app you will not use often. It’s one of those novelty app until they put some update to make easier to work and play with, don’t but this app unless you plan to use it often.

This is the instructions on how to use the app and info.

After your done and save the app tap on “OK”.

My finished “Rays” photo.

Now I want to make the photo even more dramatic with the lighting, so I’m using Pic FX. I’m using the new “Space” folders. This one is called “Nebula”. I save this edit.

Then I reload the image and use the “Stellar setting.

Then I load both photo on Image Blender to blend both images together.

It’s a bit blurry, but I like it that way. It’s gives it a time in motion feeling and an ethereal feeling too.

But if you don’t like to blend and only want one “Space” setting, this image is fine too. There is no right or wrong way, just your way of seeing.

Lens Light is kind of new and just had an update too. This is the magical light show app. There is also another app they make called Lens Flare, both app are great to have in your collection. They both are easy to operate. You have total control of how much light, where to place your flares and add as much as you want to your photo. It’s also saves at the resolution of the image you started with, so it saves at high resolution. These are very powerful apps !!! I highly recommend these APPS, $.99 each !!! They also have Lens Flare HD for the iPad, $2.99.

After the app is done loading you will get these options.

The blue Bokeh is always the set default flare, after you load an image.

The image I chose to use after using Dynamic Light and Hipstamatic shot.

As you can see the Blue Bokeh is all over the image, you use our fingers to make the bokeh bigger or smaller and move them around a little.

You have many options or choices to choose from with this app. The possibilities are endless…!!!

They also have instructions on how to use the app.

After your done with your arrangement with your bokeh, you have the option of adding more lights and flares or you can save.

This is my last edit and photo. It’s so much fun and real easy to use. I really enjoy and love using this app.

Now if you have any questions with tonight’s blog, please e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Instgram @ashcroft54. You can also check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr down below. Have fun and Happy Editing !!!

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

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