Extreme Combo App Editor Erik Halberstadt

Check out @otsog !

I posted a challenge called Grant the Lawson Extreme Edit Challenge. Erik was my first person to respond back to me on how he did his Extreme Edit. He gave me a link to his blog, so you can read and see how he did his edit step by step. You can follow him on Instagram @otog. Please check out his work, he has some really great skills. He also mentioned to me that he didn’t think he did his challenge right. I told him don’t worry about it, just send me what you did anyways. I really like it when people are honest and up front about what they did. It accounts for a lot in my book. Please check out his blog everyone !!! Click down below.

Enjoy !

Ostog on X-phonegraphy:


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2 Responses to Extreme Combo App Editor Erik Halberstadt

  1. Thank you so much, Tina!

    One of the really great things about InstaGram for me is the challenges like this one.

    As a direct and immediate result of joining up with InstaGram and the many challenges like yours, Josh Johnson’s, and others, I asked my brother, author of over 50 photo-illustrated books and professional photographer about going pro — but instead of getting the advice I was looking for about selling my abstracts through some of the larger stock agencies, I got a gig shooting for his Military Stock Photography agency, a new Canon T2i, and a series of shoots booked for the next year. Tomorrow, I’m shooting for Levi Strauss Community Day, and I must say I’m excited!

    Growing up in San Francisco in a commercial photography studio in the 1950s I got to rub elbows with some greats — Ansel Adams, Dorothy Lange, and Imogen Cunningham were just a few of the regulars. I hope to pass along some of the skills I acquired from them . . . hence the name OTSOG: On The Shoulders Of Giants.

    Again, thank you for the inspiration and the boost!


  2. ashcroft54 says:

    Your welcome Erik !

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