Combo Apps/Worm’s Eye View of The World

Tonight’s blog is about how low can you go with your view of the world. People think in order for you to take great pictures. You need to visit exotic places and travel all over the world. That’s not true, some of the best pictures I’ve taken is right here in my neighborhood. Even in your own backyard, inside your home and even the garage too. You don’t need to travel far and wide, just look around you. Ordinary things can be extraordinary things. I see some great photos taken at people’s jobs or the commute to work. This is a great challenge for people who have that photo block.

Here’s a photo I took while walking with Boyce up the street. He needed to get his favorite hat back from his friend’s house. Well I came across a goldmine of a front yard, I love it when people let their yard go. It’s one of the best photo ops, in my opinion. So this is what I do when I see an out of control, not maintained yard. I pull out my iPhone out of my pocket. Tap on the Hipstamatic App. Why do I use that app ? The reason is I can take 9 random shots after I set my lens and film. Then I put the camera on the wall or ground and start shooting 9 shots. Put it in my pocket and walk off to the next thing I see while walking with Boyce. All around my block people have these retaining walls in their front yards and all around this neighborhood. I take simple walks, walk the dog or make Boyce go with me.

Now here is the finished edited version of the same picture. I used the Noir and Focal Lab, to give it that dreamy look.

Finding Boyce

Some of you probably have seen this one Instagram or on Flickr. The boy in the orange shirt is my nephew Boyce. I take him with me because he loves to climbs on all the walls and walk on them. He also will point things out to me I seem to miss. He has a pretty good eye for things, just like his aunt. This shot was taken with Qbro and I used one of the filters called Pinout. Boyce is always fun and very playful.

Another interesting shot taken with TtV app and edited with Dynamic Light with Orton.

Last shot was take at my next door neighbors with Hipstamatic, then edited with Photo Studio FX. The filter is called Burnt Paper.

You can edit your photos with any combination you like, there is not wrong or right way to edit your photos. Just try crouching down or setting yours camera on the wall, curb side, ground or even at waist level. See what you get, you’ll have a whole new way of taking photos. It’s fun and creative. I highly recommend trying the “Worm’s Eye View of The World”. If you have any questions, just leave a comment or e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54.

See you all soon…

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