The Grant The Lawson Extreme Edit Challenge/Combo Apps

There’s a guy I followed recently, thanks to Azulbandit Spot Light. The guys name is Grant the Lawson, very interesting person. He challenged the top people on Instagram to an Extreme Edit Challenge. I think only a few did his challenge. I’m going to help him in his quest for his challenge and bring it up a notch. The winner of The Grant The Lawson Extreme Edit Challenge will be featured in the upcoming Combo Apps blog. I will give the rules shortly. The rules are simple you will use the following 3 Apps 20 Filters/Effects. You can only enter one image, that’s it. The reason is I don’t want to be bogged down with hundreds of entries. Plus this is going to take time just to edit one image. Then I will pick 3 finalist from the entries. The people on Instagram will vote for a day. The one with the most likes will be the winner. You have 4-22-11 California Time at 12 midnight to get all your entries in, so I recommend you check out your time zones in entering you image. I will give you a list below of apps to help you with this challenge. I’ll give you an example of so you have an idea of how to do this challenge. Grant the Lawson said if you do this challenge you will end up in ways, a really good image or a really bad image. There is no in between in doing this type of editing, so pick wisely. I will only except one entry. You are allowed to reload your photo in the same app too. Your only allowed 3 Apps, so pic wisely. When you finished and submit them on Instagram, please use the following tags, @ashcroft54, @glman, #EXEchallenge, #extreme_edit . That’s how I want you to tag the photos. Please tag properly or I will not hunt down people’s work. It’s your responsibility, not mine. The winner will get a change to be featured in an upcoming Combo Apps Blog. You will need to e-mail me you image and you combination. Make sure you give your real name and Instagram name too. Good luck and happy editing.

These are the app with filters I highly recommend.
3.Picture Show
4.Photo Studio
5.Palm Lab
7.100 Cameras


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2 Responses to The Grant The Lawson Extreme Edit Challenge/Combo Apps

  1. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to participate… unfortunately, things are a little out of balance right now (I think I depressed too many people on instagram and lost a few followers)! Oh, well, life is up and down. Anyways, i’ll try my best! I really hope I can have a chance to create an edit! 🙂

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Don’t worry about losing followers on Instagram. Put it this way, the one who still follow you are the ones who enjoy your photos and like you. One thing that people seem to forget is you want quality followers and not flash in the pan/superficial followers. I’m sure if I acted like Josh Johnson, I could have 20,000+ followers, but what’s the point in that, you won’t ever know who really likes and enjoy your work.

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