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Tonight’s Combo Apps Blog is about The Square Format Apps. I wrote a message to my friends on Instagram, if there was something they like to know about or something I could blog about it. Well one person on Instagram gave me a great topic to blog about. The person goes by altafkw on Instagram, so I end up getting two apps, qbro and Cameramatic. I also got TtV and Leme Leme HD. The reason why I want to talk about Square Format Apps because we know about the popular square apps, Hipstamatic, Retro Camera Plus, Shake It Photo and any Polaroid App out. I get board of using the same camera apps. A lot of the time I take the photo I can see how the photo will look like before it develops. I don’t get that surprised results after the picture is done processing. That’s why I’m always constantly changing with the way I edit or shoot my photos. I want to make sure I’m not the typical cookie cutter photographer. Even when I do photo shoots, I don’t use the typical portrait lenses either. Why be boring ?

The first app we are going to talk about is qbro, this is one of the new and noteworthy app you can buy at the App Store for $.99. You can buy “The Portrait Pack” within the app for $.99 extra. This app really surprised me because it’s not just a camera app. You can also upload photos from you library and use the filters they have to offer in the app. Qbro has a wide choice of filters, frame and styles for editing your photos. It’s also great for uploading in Instagram, because it’s square formatted to fit perfectly.

After the app loads up you will see two white corners, that’s where your picture is going to crop. At the time of the screen shot I got an Instagram alter, sorry about that. That guy, bamos I follow and he follows me has an AWESOME feed. I highly recommend you check out his feed, very creative and beautiful images. OK, now back to the app, you can see it’s a pretty cut and dry on how to use this app. The icons are really easy to understand. Another great thing about this app is that it loads up instructions on each page of the app. You can turn them off permanently after you understand on how to use the app.

Qbro also offers a “Hall Of Fame” for the day. It has some social sharing going on with this app. Yes, you can be popluar in another app, if Instagram and Flickr is not enough attention for you…I think it’s a bit redundant but some people love attention and 15 minutes of fame.

This is how you share your photos with others.

Now this is really important, when you take a picture with your qbro camera, it doesn’t autosave to your camera roll. It stays in the stack area of the app. This is where you can load your photo from you library at too. All your photos stay in “Stacks”, that’s where all you unedited photos stay too.

This is a photo in the Film Bag editing area, you can see I’m trying the Moremini. You can also share your photo on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Just connect the app to all your accounts, it’s easy to do and a standard in most photo apps.

Here’s one of the filters I used called ConeyIsle.

You can also blend your photo together on Image Blender from the Filter you used in qbro. I like doing that to see what other combinations or blending photos together. I blended a ConeyIsle and Alfred together and got this effect.

The next square app up is TtV, which means “through the viewfinder”. A really good friend of mine name Christine a.k.a. Sproutgrrl on Flickr, does the real deal with TtVs. You can click on the TtVs and get her link on Flickr. She is a real master when it comes to shooting this style of photography. This is the link to making a real TtV, if anyone is interested in making a real TtV camera. This app was $2.99 at the app store but was brought down to $.99. I told the maker of the app that it was pricey for not being a full resolution app. It’s a very basic and cut and dry app. It’s really important to write reviews and tell the app makers on how to improve their apps. One advantage of being a low res app is it loads quick and processes quick, so you can constantly shoot pictures with this app.

This is what it looks like after the app is loaded, nice size for shooting pictures.

The button with the green light is how you pick your viewfinder with this app. After you shoot your picture is automatically saved in your camera roll/library. Such a simple and easy app to use and well worth the $.99 for quick retro looking snaps. I’m really glad the person who developed this app brought the price down.

Two example shot from the TtV App.

The next app is called Cameramatic, there is a Flickr Group for this app. Here is the link for the app. It’s one of the app that you can load straight on to Flickr and the actual group. Only other app that does that I know of is Plastic Bullet. I’m sure there are other app that do the same thing but I can’t think of any other at the moment. This app has so many combinations on taking photos. That it puts Hipstamatic to shame. I’m thinking after I’m done with my 365 Project with Hipstamatic. I might do Cameramatic next because of the number of different types of photos you can shoot. You can also make a custom style of your own with this app. It’s unheard of with all of the photos apps out in the market. The app sells for $1.99. You can also buy film packs on the side to add for $.99 which really blows Hipstamatic away with choices. Every time I use Cameramatic, I get overwhelmed with the choices. The only cons are to this app is the process time at full resolution and switching of film, frames and viewfinders.

This is how you pick all you stuff for shooting your pictures with this app. It’s cut and dry.

More choices on effect with your pictures.

The type of pictures you want to shoot.

Your vast huge selection of film filters. See I’m a Libra and this is where it gets overwhelming for me…LOL !!! Look at all those choices, it’s crazy !!!

This is your viewfinder and how you shoot your pictures. On the bottom left corner is the last pictures you shot and saved. It also saves in your camera roll/library. The sprocket button is your settings, film, frame and viewfinder choices. The picture frame button is for you location, your better off not using the location. It’s not accurate and not connecting properly. I think they are having problems at the moment, but everything else works perfectly.

The picture I shot and processed through the app. It’s takes about a minute to process each picture at full resolution.

The corner picture shown on the bottom left of a white beat up fence.

Tree Branches, shot with Cameramatic.

I saved the best for last, LemeLeme HD. There is also LemeLeme. Both app are FREE at the app store, the only difference between the two is you can buy addons to LemeLeme HD. This app has a photo sharing service too. You can also buy the iPad version called LomoLomo for iPad for $2.99. LemeLeme was called LomoLomo, it got lots of bad reviews because of the price and crashing problems. I think they changed the name from the bad press and improved this app drastically with major updates. People complain about paying lots of money for an app upfront, but if you think about it you pay far more with addons. I’m such a sucker for it each and every time. Why ? Because I want to find new and creative styles in my photographs, I can’t keep on doing the same style of editing. This app is also becoming one of favorite Square Format Apps. I’ll tell you why as I show more about this app.

This is what it looks like after the app is loaded. You can see what my favorite camera lens is and frame. Film is different and no real favorites yet. I love the Tilt Shift, for two reasons. Don’t get me wrong I love the Tilt Shift Gen App, but sometimes I like to just be able to do it all in one shot.

1. The Dot…make sure you have your camera set to “HIGH” for high res.

2. The Linear…make sure you have your camera set to “HIGH” for high Res.

After the process of the photo is done you have choices of using or retake of a photo.

If you like your photo, you have the options of how you want to share your photo. I just hare mine in the camera roll on my phone. The Tumblr link is not working properly at the moment, again let the developers know. You can also type in a caption for your photo, kind of cool.

This is the finished photo I shot with LemeLeme HD.

Another type of picture you can shoot is the x2 exposure and red, white and blue frame.

x2 Exposure with Inkjet Frame.

This concludes Combo Apps this week, you can leave comments or e-mail me You can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and/or Instagram @ashcroft54. Below is the Combo Apps Flickr Group, please check it out on other creations made by other members. Show off you work in the group pool !!!

See you next week everyone…!!!

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9 Responses to Combo Apps/The Square Format Apps

  1. Altafkw says:

    very informative reviews. thanks. it should help before buying.

  2. Thanks for all that, Tina. I went to download LemeLemeHD but found you have to open an account first. All the reviews were complaining about it. Was put off by that. What’s your view?

    And how do you get notification of IG likes and comments to pop up on your phone like that?! Went into settings to see if I could figure it and couldn’t find anything…

  3. ashcroft54 says:

    2 Things,

    1. I did set up an account with LemeLemeHD. Why ? Becuase I’ll set accounts with all kind of other apps, I figured who cares as long as it lets me save the pictures at High Resolution. LemeLemeHD is not the only app that you have to set an account on, Label Box and qbro are the same thing. Some of the photo will make a sharing site. I haven’t had an problems with LemeLemeHD so far, knock on wood. Compared to Instagram in the last few weeks of crashing and not loading pages properly.

    2. Settings, tap on that and you will see “Notifications”. Tap on that and turn it “ON”. After that you will see a list of apps that “push notifications”, turn on all those “notifications”.

  4. Mansi Bhatia says:

    Hey Tina,
    I was tickled to see a link to Russ’ detailed TTV instructions. He and I are buddies — in real life. Worked together for two years at SCU. He’s an awesome photographer (and iPhoneographer), but still not on Instagram … perhaps, some day soon that will change 🙂
    Thanks for your informative posts. As always, very helpful.
    Keep inspiring,

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Your Welcome, show Russ I used his blog to talk about my blog. I do that sort of thing to explains things better, because I can only explain so much. That way people have a history of where terms and photographic styles originated from, so they don’t think they invented it. I went and Arnold Newman spoke at MOPA, a few years before he died. He told me that it’s important to learn your history, because he’s tired of seeing the wheel reinvent itself. I will always take that to heart. All the editing styles I’m doing are the things I’ve done with film, darkroom and Photoshop. All I’ve done is figured out how to them with iPhone Camera Apps, then share the information with others. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Apps take over and phase out Photoshop. More and More people are not using Photoshop like they used to. The only time I used the program is when I have to do serious edit for professional work. It’s getting to the point, that it will change.

  5. Stancia says:

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