Combo Apps/Small Planets vs. Tiny Planets

Today’s blog is going to about making Planets. There are two apps you can pick up that are FREE at the app store, Small Planets and Tiny Planet. The picture up above was done with Tiny Planet App. I’m going to talk about the difference between the two apps. Let’s get started…

Small Planet will be first because it’s really easy and difficult to use at the same time. Some people on Instagram have asked me if I’ve mastered the app or figured how to use it. All I can say is the pro part in this app is that it has a cool effect. The cons are is you’re using Google images that are 2 years old, so it not really correct on the time of day or whether. Second is you’re using Google’s image, so it’s not really your real work. It’s more of a novelty app. You know that novelties wear off.

You get a map that loads up where you happen to be at, as you can see I’m showing you where I live. Now if your worried about people finding out where you live, then turn on this app while your out and about. Such as shopping, the zoo, parks and ect… Now if you touch the circle navigator icon, that’s blue. You have unlocked the place and you can roam all over the place and not go back to your approximate place as a default. How you make the planet is you grab the orange guy across the screen. When find the place you want to drop him, then it will process to make your planet. The trick is dropping the orange guy in the right spot. It’s really tricky too. I recommend you have it on ‘Satellite” so you have an idea where your at in the world. You also want to make sure the are turns blue of where you want to drop him at on the map. You will do this this several times for the right spot. It’s really frustration sometimes too. I don’t recommend this app for people who have tempers or no patients.

The place I decided to pick was The San Diego Zoo. You can also move the picture around with you finger if you don’t like how it looks. The two arrows give you an idea of how to move your location. When you decide or like how the picture look. The touch the “Go” button on the bottom left.

It always does “Planet” first. You can press save if you like how the Planet looks. You can also move with your fingers to make the planet bigger or small and you can turn the planet around in a circle too.

It always saves at a square ready to be loaded up on Instragram.

Now you can use “Pano” to make it the inside out effect. What you do is touch “Pano”, then try to bring in your image to give it that wide angle distortion effect. Then touch “Planet” and you will have inside out effect.

Like this…kind of cool !!!

You can also touch “Both”, so you can see how the effects work. Warning this app is more for entertainment, not for people who are photographers and artists. The images are Google own and have the copy write on them, so your not fooling anyone but yourself.

Tiny Planet is the app that has way more PROs than CONs. Your using you actual photos. You’ve taken on your iPhone or loaded into your phone. I recommend you take pictures with iPhone camera, Pro Camera 3.0 or any camera app that gives you a 2/3 or 4/3 ratio or rectangle. I’ll show why right below. What’s great is your using your photos and not Google’s, so these are your actual photo you can use in your album or shoot with the app. You own creations.

A picture I took with my Hipstamatic…the con.

No matter which way direction you choice. Your always going to have that tunnel gap in your image. I don’t like the look either because that tunnel gap is distracting. Maybe because of the border, I don’t know. If you want to try using a borderless square, go for it. There is not wrong or write way in making your planets, all I’m here is to guide you.

The picture I took was the stairs over at Mt. Helix. It’s an outside church with a huge cross at the top of the mountain. They will have a huge Sunrise Easter Service, which I heard is amazing. I’m not religious or believe in God, but I can respect the cross and everything about it.

You have two choices in making your planet. This is “tiny planet”.

This is “tiny tube”. Now let me show you something twisted and add to the combo !!!

But before I show you the added bounus, these are your save options.

I took the two images and blended them together. Look at how AWESOME this is…pretty cool…eh !!! I’ll show you another image below I took and added on more app to it !!!

Coronado Bridge

Tiny Planet with Dynamic Light.

Tiny Tube with Dynamic Light.

Blend them together with Image Blender and BAM !!! Two Worlds Collide !!!

This concludes The Planet Wars blog, if you have an questions or comments. Please write a comment or e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and/or Instagram @ashcroft54. There is the Flickr Group, COMBO APPS down below, see you next week everybody !!!

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

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  1. You’re so generous with your knowledge, Tina. Thanks again!

  2. Rob Snache says:

    A thorough analysis and awesome Tiny Planet results!

  3. It’s laborious to find educated folks on this subject, however you sound like you understand what you’re talking about! Thanks

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