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Tonight’s theme is going to be about making the perfectly fake HDR or Psuedo HDR. There’s is an app that seems to go everyone going on Instagram called Dynamic Light. There is a Photoshop plug-in called Redynamix. It’s basically just using tone mapping on a single JPG, TIFF or PSD file. Yyour leving out the step of merging your photos into mmaking one HDR image before the tone mapping part. It’s fake because your only using one image. The image on top of me is a psuedo HDR image. It was taking at the Point Loma Light House. A very popular tourist trap in San Diego, I highly recommend checking out when you come and visit San Diego, California. This image was taking with my Canon 40D DSLR and a Vivitar 7mm F3.5 Manual Fisheye Lens. The software for editing are Photoshop, Redynamix, Topaz Denoise and Topaz Detail. If you’ve noticed I really like smooth looking HDR images, with little to no noise in them.

We are going to start with this photo I shot tonight. It’s a bit blurry, but that’s ok. After I’m done with this photo, you won’t be able to tell. In fact it will glow the blurs away.

Now we are going to load up Dynamic Light, you can pick this up at the App Store for $.99. Now if you have an iPad too, they have Dyna Light HD for $.99.

I have loaded my photo up onto Dynamic Light. How do you load your photo ? It’s simple, just tap on the picture looking icon. It’s between the camera and FX buttons on the bottom part of your screen.

After it’s loaded you can press FX and the screen will flip. Then you will see all these options to choose from, I’m going to pick Orton out.

Now you will see your photo is set up for Orton and the dial is at 50. It’s best to start from 50 and go to 100. It’s really rare if you want to go below 50, because some photos you’ve taken might look better under the 50 dial.

After you have figure out what you want on the dial, there are other options you can pick out too.

If you tap on the R button, which means results. You can see you picture in half Original and Results, while editing.

You can also tap on the sprocket button. Then you will see your settings. There are Presets, Low, Medium and High or you can slide to how you want your setting for your photo to look like. You can also tap on the Default to start over.

Now if you see the floppy disk at the bottom of your screen. That means you want to save your photos after your done editing.

You will have choices in how you want to save your photo.

This is my finished photo using Dynamic Light, but I’m not done with it yet. If you noticed it still looks a little noisey and a bit blurry still.

Now this photo was put through Filterstorm to tone down the yellows and greens. Last part I ran the photo through Focal Lab and did a Dream Blur, to soften it up and give it that special glow.

Here’s another photo I took tonight for the Worldwide Instameet that no one showed up for, it was kind of disappointing. I did all the same processes with the apps. But I want to take a lot of the colors out and just make the red pop out.

We are going to use an app called More Mono. It’s a FREE app you can pick at the App Store. It’s a nifty little app to have in your collection. you can also pick up other FREE apps by More, such as More Lomo, More Noel and More Beaute, all free and all very simple to use. I’m going to tap on the Select Photo button on the screen.

BAM !!! There it is and the default setting is always at Normal. I usually pick Portrait, because Normal seems to blow out the highlights. Portrait is a little darker and keeps most of the red in the photo/image. Like I said, it’s a nifty little app to have in your arsenal for editing.

Then I tap on save. I always tap on the “moremono” button, because I always have the original photo. So why repeat in having more photos than you need taking you space on your iPhone.

This is my finished photo ! It’s looks really cool and retro. You will also have that warm fuzzy feeling, because of the glow from the image.

This concludes on how I make Pseudo HDR smooth images. If you have any questions please leave comments or e-mail me You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr @ashcroft54. There is also the COMBO APPS Group on Flickr, stop by and check it out. Lots of great Combo Apps Photos to look at from other members.

See you next Thursday !!!

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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Dynamic Light

  1. kristinae says:

    Really nice tutorial! I’ll be trying out the moremono app after reading this!!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I’m glad people are really reading the blogs !!! I’m hoping people will find other way in editing their photos and use the apps differently than I do. It’s like what crow777 don’t tell people what buttons to push, just show people how and let them figure it out.

  2. I like the results of these two apps. Thanks for that. I’m gonna have to try them out myself.

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    • ashcroft54 says:

      I think you can’t really compare Photoshop CS5 with iPhone Photo Apps. The reason is that your using a cell phone picture compared to a DSLR picture. Most people use the apps for simplicity of it. Photoshop CS5 is a complicated program. Not every photographer in the world can use such a huge program, if your a PRO that’s different.

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