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This was supposed to be a Thrusaday Night’s Blog, but things happen when you have a busy life. I decided to post 2 blogs tonight for everyone tonight. It’s a special treat for the readers. The two apps I will be writing about are two very unpopular apps sold in The Apps Store, Monotone and Palm Lab. These two apps I came across on accident. I wasn’t looking for these apps. They pretty much found me. You will absolutely fall in love both of these two apps, because of how simple and easy. The results blew me away !!!

Hipstamatic 146/365 iPhone 146/365
The photo I will be using tonight.

Monotone is a very cool app, if you’re looking for a great tones in your photos. What I really like about it are two things. 1. It’s works for the iPad. So once you buy it for your iPhone, it will be load into you iPad. I really love apps that do both. Monotone is $1.99. Second is you have lots of control over the tones, hues, details and saturation. You don’t have to use blue like I do, if anything please explore. You have a vast choice of colors.

This is a loaded image and I tapped on the edit mode. You can see how you have totally control of you photos.

Your settings.

When you finish with you editing, you can save you image. You will see saving circle appear on the screen. That’s how you know it’s saving.

This means when your save is done.

Palm Lab is another great and simple app to use too. It’s the other alternative to Swanko Lab, but with different mixes in the chemical lab. You can pick up this up at the App Store for $1.99. Just like Monotone, you can use this app on your iPad. What a great deal !!! Now there is always advantage in buying similar apps. The big advantage is they don’t all have the same results or options. That’s my justification of having all these photo apps. The possible combinations are limitless !!! Limiting yourself is for people who play it safe or in my opinion are “BORING” !!!

Ok, after you load up Palm Lab this is what it will look like. You tap on the film part to load in your photo from you photo album. You can also take pictures and it will drop in the tray of chemicals.

If you tap on the “i”, that will tell you how to use the app. It’s your help key or reference key.

After you pick your photo and it;s drops in the tray, you have all these selections of chemicals to use. I pick out “smoke”.

Then you see a stop watch and you can run your finger across the chemicals to make the process go faster. Which I really love doing because it reminds me of taking photos classes. Working in the darkroom and watching the magic happen before your very eyes.

The photo with ‘smoke” added to it.

When you tap on the book to save you image, that circle spinning thing happens. on the bottom right.

After you save you photo, you load that saved photo up. Because you have to process your image again with “emb” (emboss), to give your image a little more detail or pop.

This is my x2 with Palm Lab photo. You will notice your image looks really dark. No worries, that’s what Filterstorm is for times like this.

I load the image on Filterstorm and use Curves. It’s the best way to edit your image. The reason most photographers will use curves is for control. You don’t lose you details and don’t blow anything out or lose the details in the shadows. It’s one of the first things you learn when using Photoshop.

After that save, the last thing I will use is Focal Lab. I want to blur out some details and give that dreamy look. Sometimes I will ever use Tilt Shift Gen first before I do the process. In this case I didn’t use Tilt Shift Gen, so I’ll use Focal Lab on the last part of editing instead.

I’m going to use “Dream Blur”. You can also decide how much dream blur you want. I pushed all the way up.

Now you have one surreal looking image.

This concludes the 2 part blog of Combo Apps. If you have any question leave comments or email me Follow me @ashcroft54 on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr.

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

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