Combo Apps/aTypo PRO & Updates

Tonight I wanted to talk about an app called aTypo PRO. It’s on sale at the App Store for $.99, for a limited time. This app is great for the Typographer in mind. It’s masking your images with words. Some people like pasting words on their images, well this app does that for you in a very artistic way.

Now let’s get down to business with this app, the pros and cons. I like how it’s creative in using simple word to make your images expressive. The cons are it does crash a lot and the it’s not set at high-resolution. I highly recommend you rate and comment on improvements for this app. It’s important to let the creator know what you like and dislike about the app. Please make positive and constructive criticism.

This is the image I picked to try out aTypo PRO.

After the program is loaded you will always have this default image of Angelina Jolie. I’m guessing the creator of this app is a huge fan of hers. You can also see it;s pretty easy to understand and run, which I totally look for in an app.

You will notice that when you select your image, that there is a resolution setting. I pick the top one for the higher resolution.

When you edit your image they have the default words, “Crazy Sexy Cool.” You don’t have to use those words. You can tap in the area and type out your own words. My suggestion is you keep it to a few words, so your image doesn’t look lost or chaotic. Few words can mean a lot more than a paragraph or a story. You want to keep it simple and make your point across. You can also make different color fonts. There is only one real font, but if you want more than write a review and express that to the creator.

There is also a wide choice of texture settings. It’s not just color, there are texture types from concrete to clouds. Pick whatever you like, it’s you image and expression you want to convey.

Texture example.

I ended up picking out, the Red 2 texture for my image.

You only have two options when it comes to saving. One if to your photoalbum. Two is sending it as e-mail.

After your done saving you tap on “ok.”

My saved image.

Another example and that ends on how to use aTypo PRO App.

PicFx x2
I wanted to also mentioned there is an update to Pic FX. They made a new icon for the app and added an extra Frames and Stylize. This is the second update for this app, it’s like I told you. It’s a must have if your into doing combo editing. David Boyes and Ben Curious would like to know what they can do to improve the app, so please let them know on Flickr, Instagram and or at the App Store. You can also follow them on Twitter.

Last thing before I go, iCamera HDR has had two updates on their app. They have improved the crashing and processing time, so please check out that app too. It’s a really nice for HDR on the go.

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me, leave comments on the blogs, or follow me on Twitter and Tumblr. You can check out my group on Flickr, Combo Apps and last you can find & follow me on Instagram @ashcroft54.

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  1. Lalygirl says:

    Tina I got this one. Thx. I use it with dxp and mute down the text

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