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I’m sure a lot of you guys out in Instagram was wondering what app I got to this effect with my images. You probably do not know it’s always a mix of apps that will give the effects I’m looking for to enhance my images. I came across this app on purely accident. My friend Heather at work has a “My Touch” from T Mobile. She has to get her app from the Droid Network. She asked me if they had this app called Pro Paint in the App Store. I typed it in, scroll through the list and came across an app called Meritum Paint by Meritum Soft. I was reading it and looked at the example screen shots. Then I said hmmmm and paid for the app and downloaded it at work. I was playing with it and I was liking how you can paint the screen. Then something popped in my brain about blending the two images together and see what kind of effect I would get and PRESTO !!! The image on top was edited at the break room at work during my lunch break. The first image on the bottom I did was after my trip back from Starbucks.

Two Worlds Collide

Now let’s get started with Meritum Paint. You can buy this at the App Store for $1.99. I find this app far better and greater than Thicket. The reason is you can control and make anyone kind of paint background you want with the touch of your finger.

After you load the app you will see all these option, pretty easy to read and understand. After you tap on “Paint Now” you will get a blank screen, not to worry, just tap on the screen again…

…then you get all these option of how you want to control your painting. Very easy to understand and you will notice you have lots of option to choose from.

Tap on “Other” and you will get 6 different drawing modes. Normal, Neon, Sci-fi, Cartoon, Thick and Organic. What the mode does is give you different types of lines to make you painting/designs. Keep Sanddbox in the OFF mode, it will not put anything on the screen.

You can tap on Color Picker and mix any kind of color hues out wish. Where it says in the Stroke Folder.

You tap on the Background folder. That’s where you can pick out you background color or import your own background.

When you tap on “paint” you will get the blank screen. That’s where you take your finger and move it around the screen to make your painting. I chose the Neon drawing mode. Each time you take you finger off the screen and touch the screen. Your colors will change with each tap of the screen. The colors are random and in a set of 5 different colors. I haven’t changed my colors yet, for now they are set in the default mode.

This is the shot I’m going to use for blending. it’s not the best picture and I know it’s blurry, but who cares !!! I chose this picture for a reason, that you can do something with your crappy shots too.

Now let’s load up an app called Blender Image. You can buy this at the App Store for $1.99. I use this app a lot. Its’ great to blend two images together, like your would on Photoshop. It has all the same blending modes like Photoshop. I think this app is easier to use than DXP. I’ll show in the next screen shot why…

…tap on the screen for help.

BAM !!! It’s all there and easy to read and understand, such a simple app. I love simple and easy apps !!!! That’s the stuff, dreams are made of…don’t you think !!!!

Now if your going to load square images with your rectangle image, make sure your square image is always on the right. The reason is left is your first and dominate image and right is your secondary and slave image. I made the mistake of loading the painted image and the square image on the opposite sides and got a rectangle image.

I start blending my two images, but I didn’t like the painting I made and how it was blending together. So I made a new painting with Neon Mode, then saved and loaded it on the Blender Image app on the right side.

Meritum Paint & Image Blender
This is the last image I blended together. I used “Difference”, to get that negative meets positive look.

Now this concludes my special blog for the artistically inclined people on Instagram…if you have any questions please E-mail me, leave comments on this blog or you can follow me on Twitter and/or Tumblr. I also have a group on Flickr called Combo Apps. Have fun and make art !!!

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Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.

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2 Responses to Combo Apps Special/Meritum Paint & Blender

  1. Lalygirl says:

    Very cool. I have thicket and it is hard to control resulting in inconsistent results. I am also interested in blender. It sounds like an easier app than dxp. Thx

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I’m having huge fun with these apps!

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