Combo Apps/HDR Revisited


We are going to start with an image I shot with my Canon 40D DSLR. The lens I used was Vivitar 7mm F3.5 Fisheye. It’s a manual lens, so nothing mechanical or chips are in the lens. Software: Photoshop, Photomatix, Topaz Denoise 5 and Topaz Detail 2.

We are going to take an image I shot with Pro Camera 3.0. I shot this picture at the parking lot, outside of Target.

One light image I adjusted with curves on Filterstorm.

One dark image I adjusted with curves on Filterstorm.

Now we are going to load an app called iCameraHDR. You can get it at the app store for $1.99. The app has done some serious updates because of the constant crashing issues. I recommend this app for people who has iPhone 4. The reason because of its high rendering and slow processing. This app does run slow and sucks down on your battery life. Between me, Chris and Antonio on Instragram, we all have difference of opinion with this app. I think this app was really made for the next iPhone/iPad. Chris really loves the output of this app, even if it runs slow. He also likes it because of the less halos you get from the toning mapping. Antonio still prefers and loves Pro HDR.

As you can see this app has option and settings, it even warns you if you set this app as high resolution. Your output is really slow, “hence the suckage of battery life.”

You have two options in doing your HDR. You can do a two image HDR or a single HDR (which people think it’s fake HDR).

I pick the HDR and load my two images I edited from Filterstorm. This app does automatic alignment, if you chose to do hand-held shots. This app does go into fine details of how you would like to shoot your images and how fast. If you want to do true HDR, then get a tripod set up.

After your done with image merge, it will load into the tone mapping page. You will notice that you have lots of options when it comes to tone mapping. This is where other HDR apps will lack in making your HDR. Some people love the tone mapping and some people prefer to do with out it. There is not right or wrong way in how you edit you HDR. Everyone has their own way and style. I like real subtle tone mapping.

After your done with your tone mapping, you will have the options of saving 4 ways. I always save on my camera roll. I’ll warn you that it takes a minute to save on your camera roll, because of the resolution size. I’m sure in time you will be able to load your image on Tumblr and Twitter.

This is the last image after using the iCamera HDR. You will notice that the image is noisy and very contrasty. Now your always going to have this problem with your images, because of the sensor size in your “camera phone” compared to a “DSLR” sensor.

Of course I had to try and smooth out my HDR with Filterstorm and Romantic Photo, I like that soft look.

This will end my blog on HDR Revisited, next week I’m going to show you how I make Fake Outer Space or Universes. If you have any questions you can contact me at, leave comments on this blog or follow me at Twitter and/or Tumblr me. You can also check out the Combo Apps Group on Flickr. It’s a great place to check out other people’s combo apps styles.


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  3. Lalygirl says:

    I have this one. It’s cool

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