Combo Apps/Antique & Tattered Style Photos Part 1

Tonight I want to show how I make my photos look antique, old, tattered, grungy, and just dreamy looks to your photos. I will show 4 great apps you can pick up at the App Store. The main apps I’ll be showing you are Vintage Scene, Pic Grunge, Romantic Photo and Old Photo Pro. This blog will be broken up into 4 parts. Here we go on this wild ride of making thing look really old and great !!!

I will start off with this photo. It was taken with the Hipstamatic App.

The we pull up Vintage Scene on our iPhones. I use this app a lot because I really like how you can control the manipulation of you photo. It’s also been updated with the retina display and high resolution. You can purchase this at the App Store for $1.99 on the iPhone and $3.99 on the iPad.

This screen always show after the app is loaded.

Each time you loaded a photo from you library it will always look like this. You will also notice all the button on app you can press. You have a camera button. A 1,2 & 3 brush button for editing your photos. The arrow down button is your settings and save you photos. The last button that looks like a portrait is the original photo button. It’s dso you can see how the original uploaded photo looked like after you edited it.

Now when you hit Brush 1 Button it has two options that I forgot to take a screen shot of. The first one is called “Vintage Scene Aged Photo Effect & Distress Papers”. The second is called “Antique Photo Apply Age to Image or Paper”. Now with those two options you can only do one or the other, unless you save you picture and bring up in the app.

The Vintage Scene Aged Photo Effect & Distress Papers selection.

The Antique Photo Apply Age to Image or Paper selection.

I usually go with the Vintage Scene…option. Then I will pick Vintage 16 because it’s my favorite Vintage.

You can also adjust your vintage look too, if you not happy with the preset. It’s also Brush 2 after you pick your scene or paper.

You have two options in Brush 3. Borders & Overlay

This is the Borders option.

This is the Overlay/Background option.

This is the final edit with using Vintage Scene. I didn’t use Brush 3. I only used Brush 1 & 2.

After I’m done with that edit I will use Tilt Shift Gen for an added effect in bringing out certain details.

I’ve pulled up the photo in the Tilt Shift Gen App. You can see it’s pretty easy to use and self explanatory. After I load the saved photo from Vintage scene, I will use the blur button. And move the blur area where I want to see the best details. Now that’s is really up to you in what details you want to bring out and very subjective. Tilt Shift Gen is not just for making fake minitures, you can also make your photo have that fake DoF or Bokeh look to them. After I’m done and like what details come out in the photo, I’ll save my photo.

Hipstamatic+Vintage Scene+Tilt Shift Gen
This is the finished photo after I’m done with my combination of apps.

This end part one of Antique & Tattered Style Photos, please leave comments or email me if you have any questions. Follow me on Twitter & Tumblr @ashcroft54

Hipstamatic+Tilt Shift Gen+Vintage Scene
Another photo using the same technique.


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