Combo Apps/Antique & Tattered Style Photos Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Antique & Tattered Style Photos. I’m going to show you Tilt Shift Gen & Pic Grunge.

I start off with my Hipstamatic shot photo first.

The next photo you see here is after I used Tilt Shift Gen.

The Pic Grunge start up page. I would call this the more simple version of making your photos tattered, old and just plain grungy. You can buy this at the App Store. They have a “Free” Pic Grunge and Pic Grunge for $.99 I got the $.99 one. You will also see two button. Resolution & Start.

Resolution Options.

When you hit the little i button, it’s for instructions on how to use the app itself.

When you hit the “Start Button” you will have these options.

There’s more when you scroll down with your finger.

After you pick what effect you, the next page is some more options. The wheel is when you pick style. Most of the time I’ll pick the “After Party” option because I like the details of the grungy look to them. Again it’s subjective and pick what you like with your photos, you don’t have to pick what I pick.

Next is the “Strength” button. You can decided on how strong you want the details of that grunge look to your photo.

Last before saving is you have an option to turn on or off on the border. I usually turn the border off, but you always have the option of having it on or off.

Hipstamatic+Tilt Shift Gen+Pic Grunge
This is the finished edit photo from both Tilt Shift Gen & Pic Grunge. This also finishes Part 2 of the Antique & Tattered Photos Series. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Follow me on Twitter & Tumblr @ashcroft54

These are a few other photos I’ve done with the same technique.
Welcome to suburbia...

Another creepy day in suburbia...

Chain with Grunge


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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Antique & Tattered Style Photos Part 2

  1. richNYC says:

    This looks cool, might give it a try… Thanks for sharing;) Rich

  2. S says:

    Oh yeah, I love the creepy houses stuff. (@justsarah on IG)

  3. zedgessesia says:

    Художник — это человек, который пишет то, что можно продать. А хороший художник — это человек, который продает то, что пишет.

  4. It’s the best article I had ever seen

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