Basically this was brought to my attention and this needed to be blogged a.s.a.p. A friend (kristinae) of mine on Instagram told me to check out this post on posting your landscape & portrait photos on Instagram. You don’t have to have the black top and bottom border anymore. Thanks to zoomcity !!! The video is below, I guess I was hoping that someone would find a way to post horizontal & vertical pictures on Instagram.

I want to thank the following people who showed me this great idea. Kristinae for tagging me, zoomcity for making the video and posting it on You Tube and ryo_cor for getting the word out. The app Photogene, which you can get at the App Store for $1.99.

Thanks and have a good night, I’ll see you on Thrusday Night everyone !!!

Full BlowniPhone ArtIt started with a sunset97/365 - Strange weather is moving in over Råcksta..."The End Of Autumn Is Getting Near""One For Luke"
ArchiReggioTrivia 155Raleigh riderFlag WavingSmall-Block ChevySunset
Pre-Cut HairTraining DayHaircut by Ms. DelrayTaking it back...Storms"When Breakfast Feels Like A Prison"
110Springtime, as seen on the back of a diner's much used menu.This is where we liveThrough the broken lens of history past, we see time's reflection as in a mirror, darkly.There is a universe to be found in each living thing, down to the tiniest flower.You have entered the matrix.

Combo Apps, a group on Flickr.


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5 Responses to COMBO APPS ER ALERT !!!

  1. zoomcity says:

    Such a great idea to get the word out! Thank you!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      The real reason I decided to post it. I saw Josh Johnson pushed it aside. I feel his “Instatips” don’t fit the medium. Most people don’t use a DSLR or own one. I feel that DSLR images/photos belong on Flickr. I’m guilty of posting some DSLR photo on Instagram in the past. Then I realise we are missing the point of what Instagram is really about. It’s an iPhone photo/image sharing community.Then I made a post I would not post any DSLR photo on Instagram and took them all down.

      I’m always glad to help & learn a thing or two, plus I like sharing. I’ll look at you other videos. I have a blog to write tomorrow. If you have other things you want to share, I’ll post it at a Combo Apps ER Alert !!! Anyone who helps me I’ll give them the credit, post their name and will do the same for them too.

  2. S says:

    This is brilliant! Going to purchase that app now…. (@justsarah on IG)

  3. omar malkosh says:

    well you can load all into photoshop and do that in one step and save your time, and once you have all your photos in an album just sync with your phone 😛

    • ashcroft54 says:

      At the time when this blog was put out, this is what a lot of us did for posting photos on Instagram. Load it on Photoshop is a hassle to because this is about mobile editing with our iPhones. If you read my blogs Photoshop doesn’t apply or exsist in mobile editing unless you get the Photoshop Express App. A lot of us don’t even use that app because there are other apps that are way better, easier to use & almost as powerful as Photoshop Elements for your desktop & laptop. Photoshop is becoming extinct like film no wants to pay for a $500 program to edit your photos anymore. You can also edit most DSLR photos with a lot of these iPhone/iPad apps. Desktop are slowly becoming a thing of the past too.

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