Week 1 Hipstamatic

1. The first photo is called “My Room.” It a picture of a corner in my bedroom, where I have some books and other goodies piled up. I started with this photo first, because it’s where most of my ideas come from. I sit in room look at art books, go online on my laptop or just lay in bed to think of ideas.
Hipstamatic 1/365 iPhone 1/365

2. “Two Ladies” I was playing around with my Hipstamatic and snap this shot. I really liked how it came out. It’s just two ladies eating their lunch at the cafe at my work. I was on a break when I took this shot.
Hipstamatic 2/365 iPhone 2/365

3. “Glitter Pumpkin” It’s a table decoration sitting flat on the table in the break room. I was sitting and playing with my camera looking for something to shoot. There it was laying there flat in my face.
Hipstamatic 3/365 iPhone 3/365

4. “Flower & Bee” I was walking to Rubios on my lunch break. I had it my head to take a picture of one of those yellow flowers out in the mall. While I was taking the picture, I saw the bee in the flower. Then I said this would be way better to take a picture of the bee on the flower.
Hipstamatic 4/365 iPhone 4/365

5. “One Armed Dunny Toy” I found this tiny little toy laying on the counter, so I took and kept it at the photo lab. Who knew this tiny toy would come in handy !?!?!?
Hipstamatic 5/365 iPhone 5/365

6. “Pumpkin Buddies” My sister helped me arrange this shot. She knows I’m doing this project and helped me with this idea. I took the shot and showed her. She really likes this photo. It’s really cute. I think maybe too cute.
Hipstamatic 6/365 iPhone 6/365

7. “Escalators” The Target I work at is kind of special because it’s a two story Target. It was the second Target in the nation built that was two stories. It’s also the first Target to be put in a mall and I can go on…blah blah blah…what I’m really hoping is that these photos are my ticket out of Target…
Hipstamatic 7/365 iPhone 7/365

Hipstamatic 241/365 iPhone 241/365Hipstamatic 1/365 iPhone 1/365Hipstamatic 2/365 iPhone 2/365Hipstamatic 3/365 iPhone 3/365Hipstamatic 4/365 iPhone 4/365Hipstamatic 5/365 iPhone 5/365
Hipstamatic 6/365 iPhone 6/365Hipstamatic 7/365 iPhone 7/365Hipstmatic 8/365 iPhone 8/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 11/365 iPhone 11/365
Hipstamatic 12/365 iPhone 12/365Hipstamatic 13/365 iPhone 13/365Hipstamatic 14/365 iPhone 14/365Hipstamatic 15/365 iPhone 15/365Hipstamatic 16/365 iPhone 16/365Hipstamatic 17/365 iPhone 17/365
Hipstamatic 18/365 iPhone 18/365Hipstamatic 19/365 iPhone 19/354Hipstamatic 20/365 iPhone 20/365Hipstamatic 21/365 iPhone 21/365Hipstamatic 22/354 iPhone 22/365Hipstamatic 23/365 iPhone 23/365

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