Hipstamatic 365 Day Project

I will be doing a project with my iPhone camera and an App called Hipstamatic. What this app does makes square images that look very vintage. They are suppose to look like the Diana and Holga toy cameras. What drew in the app was the square images and the border around the images. I downloaded the app 2 days ago. I’ve played with it a lot today at work. I was taking really random pictures on my break and lunch time.

Hipstamatic Mall Clouds
This is one of the images I took while walking to Rubios on my lunch break.

Hipstamatic Tiny White Flowers
Another shot along the way to Rubios.

Hipstamatic Rubios
Inside Rubios while I wait for my order to be ready.

The project starts tomorrow. The cool part of this project is I qualify for two projects, the Hipstamatic & iPhone 365. I’m excited about doing this project because it takes real commitment. Most people end up quitting, so I’m hoping for some support and encouragement out there in cyber world & real world. I never thought I would be doing these 365 projects on Flickr. “Never say never”…right…LOL !!! The whole project will be connected on Flickr, Facebook & Fan Page, Tumblr and Twitter. I will be posting a blog every week and showing some of my shots I made with my iPhone.

Hipstamatic Palm Tree
Taken as I was leaving work and walking out to my truck.

Projec 1 “365 Days Hipstamatic”

Project 2 link “iPhone 365”

Wish me luck everyone…I’m going to need it !!!


Hipstamatic 241/365 iPhone 241/365Hipstamatic 1/365 iPhone 1/365Hipstamatic 2/365 iPhone 2/365Hipstamatic 3/365 iPhone 3/365Hipstamatic 4/365 iPhone 4/365Hipstamatic 5/365 iPhone 5/365
Hipstamatic 6/365 iPhone 6/365Hipstamatic 7/365 iPhone 7/365Hipstmatic 8/365 iPhone 8/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 11/365 iPhone 11/365
Hipstamatic 12/365 iPhone 12/365Hipstamatic 13/365 iPhone 13/365Hipstamatic 14/365 iPhone 14/365Hipstamatic 15/365 iPhone 15/365Hipstamatic 16/365 iPhone 16/365Hipstamatic 17/365 iPhone 17/365
Hipstamatic 18/365 iPhone 18/365Hipstamatic 19/365 iPhone 19/354Hipstamatic 20/365 iPhone 20/365Hipstamatic 21/365 iPhone 21/365Hipstamatic 22/354 iPhone 22/365Hipstamatic 23/365 iPhone 23/365


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  1. Suchmaschine says:

    Wow!! I love what you are doing! I need to relook at screen toaster! Informative and interesting post!!!keep it up..

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