Sony’s Pano Sweep (Sony DSC-H55)

Pano Adventure-12

I really love the Sony DSC-H55. I was out shopping for a new point & shoot. It seems I would always buy them use them and give them away. Because I was so used to using a DSLR and I wanted something with a wide angle. Well, I wasn’t looking to buy a Sony camera because I didn’t want to go out and buy memory sticks !!! The sales girl at Best Buy told me all Sony cameras take SD cards now. Then I saw this video of the pano sweep that they put their new cameras. I was totally amazed on how simple and easy it is to make the actually pano sweeps. The model camera I got was a Sony DSC-H55. Mind you, when I got this camera when it first came out. So of course I paid the price and at the time it was a great price for what it could do, $250. I also bought this camera to take with me to shoot some pix at a birthday party. Now I think you can get this camera for just over $200. I saw this camera at Sam’s Club the other day. I take this camera with me with me to the Salton Sea too. I made a few pano sweep with it. My friend were amazed for what it could do, in such a small compact camera. I also like the wide angle to this camera too.

Pano Sweep
SD Cards
Compact & Powerful
Wide angle lens (25mm)

Small sensor (which leaves to limit editing)
Digital noise in low light, because of the sensor size.
No RAW capabilties (JPEG only)

Pano Shots
Pano Adventure-1

Salvation Mountain Pano-4

Regular Shots


Sony DSC-H55 Panoramas

Salton Sea Adventure Sony Style

Comic Con Sony Style 2010


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