My laptop crashed & died !!!

About a week and a half ago my hard drive crashed and I lost all the edited photos I did for the wedding. I was glad that I didn’t erase the cards, but I’m not happy with myself about backing them up either. A lot of work went down the drain and a new life lesson in editing photos has been learned here. One I finally pulled out my 2 tera bite hard drive out and backed up the files I could from my old (crashed) hard drive. It turned out a lot of the files I edited for the wedding turned out to be corrupted. According to my sister’s boyfriend, that hard drive is shot, gone and can not be formatted. So, I ended up ordering a new, faster and better hard drive to replace my laptop. I got a Western Digital, Sata 2, 500 gig, 5400rpm, hard drive, to replace my Seagate, Sata 2, 500 gig, 5400rpm, hard drive. Other things I’ve learned about using a laptop hard drive are two things. One constantly back up your files. Two the life on these hard drives are shorter than a desktop hard drive.

I got my hard drive and as you can see my laptop is working again, because I’m blogging about it. Another thing is I updated my desktop with the help of my sister’s boyfriend. There is new ram and a new Lightscribe DVD burner in it. In the future I plan to get a new motherboard, 64 bit processor, DDR 3 Ram and another 2 tera bit external hard drive. What I plan to do is make the desktop network with my laptop, to transfer files to the external hard drives and burn discs on there for my future clients.

I’m hoping with minor set back I had is a good sign for me to slow down a bit. Try to take my time on editing a little bit and to think more about my future as a photographer. I know with the good comes with the bad. I’m learning from the bad, chalking it up to experience and not to repeat history again. Trying to make lemons into lemonade can be a challenging feat in itself.


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