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Plastic Bullet Rock & Beach

Yesterday I finally got my iTunes all fixed. I was really excited because it’s been months since I could update any of my apps. When I finally got my new password, I had to buy some of my old apps again. I was a little upset, but it was kind of my fault for letting my updates and problem I had go one for so long. I was glad that I had an iTunes cards I forgot about from my birthday last year. Birthday will be another blog in itself later. I have kind of hard time using Word Press at the moment, but in time I’m hoping to be a better blogger as time presses on. Now back to the “apps”, I got the Word Press App yesterday. Maybe I’m getting stupid it seems just as hard to use. I guess it must be an over time period thing. When I finally get how to use and be able to blog more often and anywhere at anytime.

Now the photo part of the apps department. I picked up two new photo apps, that I’m hoping to try and test out. Then I get to post the photos in the blogs, talk about the photo and show people who are reading my blogs what I’m up to at the moment. The photo apps I downloaded are “Plastic Bullet” & Pro HDR. I’m kind of excited to try them out and seen people post their photo on Flickr. So lets see if I can make exciting photos from my iPhone, most of the photos end up on Facebook, text messages and e-mails (to a really good friend in London).

Cheers everyone !!!

Plastic Bullet Tourist Trap

Plastic Bullet

Plastic Bullet Flickr Group


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