Big Wedding Shoot

Saturday will be first real big wedding shoot. I’m doing this all by myself. What I’m hoping for that this will help me get other photo shoots. For once I feel pretty confident in doing this shoot. Other wedding shoots I’ve done in the past felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t know anything about composing or directing people and didn’t feel I did a great job in the post processing area. In the past I was kind of thrown in doing wedding shoots and felt very unprepared. The last wedding I did before  the big one I’m doing on Saturday was a thrown in job out of no where. One thing I know I did better was in the post process department. I have a group on Flickr called “Post Process and Plug-ins.” It helped me and my friends out a lot in finding programs that I want to try out, also help me with my Photoshop Skills. Which was an added bonus. It also pushed me to shoot straight RAW images, instead of the RAW + JPEG. I used to do and just edit the JPEG images to post on Flickr. Most of the times it’s better to take the added extra step in editing your photos. Now I just need to buy Lightroom so the process can be done a little quicker with batch processing.

One last thing I wanted to say is, photographer is the only thing that pushes me to learn, cope with life and is never dull.

The Bride-A2

The Lux Wedding

Johnny & Jessica (2 weeks before the wedding)

Jessica’s Bridal Shower

Johnny & Jessica Save The Day


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