About a few weeks ago I joined a group called “Lightsphere Users”, I’m not a fan shooting with a flash. I would rather use as much natural light or available light. I just hate seeing the big flash spots, over exposed skin tones and red eyes. So I went looking around and it seems everyone seems to love using Gary Fong’s flash diffusers. I found another group called the Demp Flip and read the discussions in the group. In the end I went with the Lightsphere instead. I ordered them at Adorama and it cost about $87.95 for two different spheres. One is a clear and the other is cloudy. From what I read one is for outdoors and the other is more for indoors. I’m really excited about using these spheres. Hopefully it will get me to use my flash more often. then I can be an official “Strobist” I also have a big wedding in two weeks. I’ll be using it at the wedding too.

Lightsphere Flickr Group



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