Otherside of the Adventure-3

People like to define manipulations as being altered, but some people really love to altered their photos to the extreme or just a tiny bit. To me manipulations is anything that you changed from the original file from the camera. Even when you load up your RAW files, you’re going change the exposure, contrast, saturation and curves. That is manipulation number one. Then you have to play with it some more with some layers, plug-ins or you trusty HDR program. By the time your done with your image, it’s totally different from what you started from the camera. We haven’t even mention Lightroom yet and batch processing. Which is a whole new blog in itself.

Now let’s talk about the so-called people who say they don’t manipulate their photos. I say “BULLSHIT” !!! I know everything I shoot looks great on camera, but when I load them up they don’t look as great. Then you have to manipulate them of course. Then some people will say I don’t manipulate them, I only changed the contrast and saturation a little. My favorite is I just change them to black and white, that’s all. I’m like if that isn’t manipulation from you color shooting camera than I don’t know what is !!!! It’s kind of asinine. Even when you scan film, again you’re going to have to manipulate it. Clone out all the crap in the gelatin, color correct, fix the contrast and play with the levels and curves.

Don’t even get me started on the cost to get the film processed. I’ve shot a lot of film in my time to know how expensive everything was and still is today. The only thing I miss about film is printing from slides (Ciba Chrome). I really loved printing a room of complete darkness, sticking it in the processor, waiting the 6 minutes for the print to roll out. Then washing the prints in the water and seeing it shimmer in the water. The colors from printing slides was so beautifully saturated. It was really expensive too. It was my true love in photography, next to Solarized printing. Both were really hard to print, but worth the time and effort.

There is a difference in Photoshopping and Photochopping, which to me is a whole other subject and blog…

Otherside of the Adventure-1

Post Process & Plug-ins

Distortions & Manipulations

The Photoshop Experience


Otherside of the Adventure

Chroma Solarized



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