Photo Storys or Slide Shows

The beginning of the month I went and did some research on slide show programs. I found one called Photo Story CD & DVD by Magix Software. I got the cheaper version to try out for a free trial. It took me almost a full day to make one slide show, but I was determined to make one. I finally made one. It was kind of long, so I decided to make a shorter one. That only took me two hours. Then I made one more slide show and it only took me an hour. I liked making the three slide shows so much. that I will probably get the better program for HD purposes and other little things.

My plan is to use them for weddings. Instead of a photo book that sits on a coffee table and collects dust over the years or gets put out in the garage and forgotten over the years. It much easier and less storage space to put the highlights of the wedding and reception on a slide show. They can pop them in the DVD player, watch and relive the whole magical day all over again. I’ll be testing this out on a wedding shoot I’m doing in September. I’ve already told the couple (Johnny & Jessica) to pick out 3 songs. Make sure it’s your special songs. The reason why is simple. It’s about their special day. It also has to be special for them and something they will have to live with for a long time to come.


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3 Responses to Photo Storys or Slide Shows

  1. StaceFace says:

    Tina, you take such amazing photos. I love looking at them. I have faith you will achieve the photo career you dream of. You are taking the steps toward your goals and are fueling all of this with passion and amazing art. I wish you so much luck and know you will do great! :o]

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Thanks for your comment Stace, I’ve been doing photography for a while. It took me a long time just to have the courage to think I could do this. Sometimes you just have to sink or swim. I’m tired of being unhappy, damn it !!! So, I’m going to do something about it and change things for the better !!!

  2. 蛙鏡 says:

    Mind-boggling posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this amazing scene really does not just think similar to us along with the blog site owner 😀

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