Combo Apps/Other Worldly with DistressedFX

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So I took some macro shots the other day because it was a foggy morning, it’s does gets foggy sometimes in San Diego. What I like was seeing all the dew drops on the grass and plants. After I dropped … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Fragment Update 1.6

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I was suppose to write this post two days ago but I have a really bad cold. Even taking the flu shot still didn’t help me. Please bare with me and let me talk about Fragment and the 1.6 update. … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Roam The Blue Ghost by Chelle Destefano

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The Starting Point: Hi, I’m Chelle, I’m a watercolor artist. I’ve created a series of beautiful, haunting watercolor paintings of abandoned places that I call “Roam the Blue Ghost” and I need your help to turn them into a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Web Designers Wanted

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I’m looking for a Web Designer to help me with making Combo Apps bigger and better. I’ve been doing this for 4 years all by myself with no team or crew of people. It’s time to grow into a real … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Exposure 1.5 Update

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What’s new on Exposure 1.5 – Intensity controls: You can now adjust the intensity of each effect – New Effects: Old School, Valentine and HDR – New Texture Effects: You can apply textures to part of your photos: Fur, Film, … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Maartje Bronkhorst – Guest Blogger

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Tonight’s guest blogger is about a series of image that are Bygone Days, set in the late 19th to early 20th century. They remind me of old music boxes and/or a harpsichords playing in the background at some aristocratic affair. … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/ARTiGEN

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Tonight I was informed about a new art generated app called ARTiGEN. It’s an iPad only app. What the app does is generate shapes, forms and designs on top of each other with layers. You get colourful abstract art all … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Filterstorm Neue The Update

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Last time I wrote about Filterstorm Neue was last year. We all knew I wasn’t impressed with the Neue and took it off my iPhone. Well it’s gotten to the point where you can’t use the original Filterstorm anymore. Then … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Ava Photo

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Ava Photo will express your personality and style by experimenting with Ava’s flattering filter set. Bring out your true fashionista by picking from one of our iconic celebrity filters that best suits your style. Spice up your selfie by adding … Continue reading

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Combo Apps Artista Impresso

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Artista Impresso Transform your snapshot into a stroke-filled Impressionist masterpiece. ***** In 2010 Photo Artista Oil was released and revolutionized the digital painting world. It became ‘App of the Year’ and to date sold over half-a-million copies. Since then we … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/When You’re Not Looking

When You're Not Looking - 1

Tuesday I had to go to the doctors and get my eyes examined. I had the trolley and bus out to Logan Heights Clinic. The neighbourhood is considered to be rough and sketchy at times because of the area. I went up to the 3rd floor where the optometrist office. I went out the door and saw The Conrado Bridge and the water. It was a really nice view of the bridge and a different perspective. I kept looking out the window and told myself I need to take this shot when I leave the office.

I finally got a chance to take the photo but I had to wear these sunglasses because my eyes were fully dilated. It was hard to take the photo but this is the shot of a different perspective of the Coronado Bridge.

When You're Not Looking - 2

When I went down the elevator and left the clinic i walked into an alley between the clinic and parking lot. I don’t run into very many allies but when I do I have to walk down it. I thought, WoW I wasn’t looking for this at all. It was still hard to take photo but I knew I had to take the shot.

When You're Not Looking - 3

I was walking down the alley and looking around all over. It felt like my eyes were open for the first time. I felt happy looking around the alley as I was walking with my dark sunglasses on.

When You're Not Looking - 4

I saw this wall with graffiti and the dumpster up against the wall. I took the shot….

When You're Not Looking - 5

After I took the dumpster and graffiti wall, I turn and saw this chain link fence with a cloth wrapped around it. I peeked through the cloth and took a picture of this area as best I could…

When You're Not Looking

While I was walking away from the last shot, I was closer to the dumpster and took another shot of it with the graffiti wall. I just saw the beautiful contrast between the graffiti wall and dumpster.

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At the end of the alley way I turned around and took one last shot. When you’re not looking things really do come to you. Even with my eyes fully dilated and wearing dark sunglasses, I still mange getting these shots. Taking photo is what I do best, it helps me cope with life….


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Combo Apps/Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley is a children’s book written by Jeff Brown. Most of us all know the story and the project where kids will take Flat Stanley on vacation, being mailed off to other states and countries around the world. Well … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Splendid Camera Suite

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I wanted to talk about these Splendid Camera apps. The names of the apps drew me in and I contacted the developers. I got codes and played with the apps. It turned out I was really disappointed with all of … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/How Free Up Space on Your iPhone

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I read an article on The Huffington Post about freeing up space on you iPhone and iPad. It covers the basic way of elevating space but there are other things that will take up space on your iPhone too. A … Continue reading

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Combo Apps/Learn 365Photo iPhotography

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Many of you will start with a Project 365 in the New Year. Sometimes you will fun out of ideas or things to shoot for your project. Well there’s an app for that and it’s called Learn 365 iPhotography. It’s … Continue reading

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